Sophia Lucia Chats “Ain’t Gonna Play”, Empowering Others, and More!

Whether you recognize Sophia Lucia from her time on Dance Moms, her guest-appearances on Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, and Dawn, Kirby Buckets, and Shake It Up, or her latest single, “Ain’t Gonna Play,” one thing is completely for sure. Sophia Lucia isn’t just a triple threat; she’s on fire! At 15 years old, Sophia has already accomplished more than most of us can ever dream of doing, including holding the Guinness World Record for Most Consecutive Pirouettes!

Back in February her song “Ain’t Gonna Play” debuted on iTunes and Spotify and today her music video has finally dropped! The song, though catchy on the surface, comes from a deeply personal place for Sophia. “Ain’t Gonna Play” is about overcoming a bad relationship, finding your worth, and figuring out who you truly are.

Interview with Sophia Lucia - Ain't Gonna Play

Sophia hopes to help inspire others through her music. By sharing her experiences through song, she wants to help others out there realize that they are valuable, important, and worth so much more than one bad relationship. Being with someone who drags you down or doesn’t treat you right isn’t worth your time. You deserve to shine bright and stand tall, with or without someone by your side. Since music is something we all reach for when we’re going through a hard time, songs like these can make all the difference.

We chatted with Sophia about working on the music video for “Ain’t Gonna Play,” her acting dreams, and more! Once you get to know Sophia in our interview, be sure to watch the video for her empowering song, “Ain’t Gonna Play” on her YouTube channel!

Get to Know Sophia Lucia:

Interview with Sophia Lucia - Ain't Gonna Play
You just released the music video for your song, “Ain’t Gonna Play.” Tell us a little bit about what it was like to work on the video.

SOPHIA LUCIA: Shooting the video was so much fun! I got to work with the best people for this video, and I’m so excited that it’s finally out into the world! We shot the video in my hometown and at places that I’ve been to my whole life, so I felt super comfortable! Also, I got to work with Christian, he plays my boyfriend in the video, and we just had the best time together!

I was so thankful to have him in the video because it can be nerve-wracking filming scenes with someone you meet the morning of and you need to have this crazy chemistry, you know? He made me feel so comfortable, and it just made the biggest difference!! It was also great that I had him there because I had a buddy on set for the first half of the shooting. Overall the video was so much fun to shoot, words don’t even describe how fun it was!

The song is super catchy and great for dancing, but it’s actually based on a very personal experience of yours. Can you share a little around that?

SOPHIA: Yes! The song is about a past relationship I’ve had. The song is about finally drawing the line, putting an end to a relationship that you realized was one-sided. I was super into this boy that the song is about, and would’ve done pretty much anything for him but he didn’t treat me right, and I let him walk over me too many times. I would catch him with other girls all the time and gave him about a million second chances until I finally was done! The song has got some fire!

How are you hoping your experiences will help others?

SOPHIA: I hope people who’ve been in my situation can realize that there are so many other boys or girls who are waiting out there for you and who will treat you right. Don’t be a part of something where you constantly think of what could be if he or she shaped up. Stand up for yourself, your voice is worthy.

Interview with Sophia Lucia - Ain't Gonna Play
How have you learned to handle the pressures of being in the spotlight?

SOPHIA: I don’t think I will ever get used to being in the “spotlight” you could say, but I’ve definitely adjusted. I could handle the pressure because I’m the kind of person who thrives under pressure, but I still have days where I don’t handle it as well as others! It’s still hard for me to imagine that people think of me the way I think of Harry Styles you know? I just feel very grateful!

How did you first discover your passion for dance and what do you love most about it?

SOPHIA: I was born into a dance family, so I guess it was in my blood. What I like most about dance is the way it makes me feel! I also feel so free and energized after I dance. It’s an amazing feeling.

You’ve already achieved quite a lot from acting to singing to even becoming a Guinness World Record holder, but is there still something you dream of doing with your career?

SOPHIA: My dream is to be a successful actress. I would love to be on a very successful TV show, like Gossip Girl, Riverdale, or Friends.

Interview with Sophia Lucia - Ain't Gonna Play
What do you like to do for fun or just to relax?

SOPHIA: I honestly just like to sit in my room and watch movies or binge watch my favorite shows on Netflix with my best friend. As plain as that is, it’s the best!

What have you been inspired by recently?

SOPHIA: Women! I feel more empowered by women than I’ve ever been before. I feel like these last couple years, us females have become braver in speaking up for ourselves and what is right. I feel very proud to be in this game of life with the most inspiring women!

Do you have any words of wisdom you’d like to share with your fans?

SOPHIA: Love yourself. Know your worth. Your voice is a powerful thing, don’t waste it! But also with your voice, spread kindness. I think it’s so hard to be a kid in our generation because social media is such a big thing and sometimes shows people examples that are not realistic. Just know not everything is picture perfect.

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