EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: The Powerpuff Girls: The Bureau of Bad #3

While a new issue of Powerpuff Girls is always an exciting time for comic lovers, this month’s issue is even more exciting than usual! The Powerpuff Girls: The Bureau of Bad #3 is part of IDW’s Funko Cover Month, meaning that one of the variant covers of this issue features Bubbles, Buttercup, and Blossom in their Funko POP! form. It’s utterly adorable and definitely worth hitting up a comic shop or two to track down for your collection. Lots of other IDW comic covers are getting Funko-fied this month as well, including Tangled, Ghostbusters: Answer the Call and other great reads. Now, onto the gripping conclusion of The Bureau of Bad!

The Powerpuff Girls: The Bureau of Bad #3 - EXCLUSIVE Preview

Not up to speed on this Powerpuff Girls miniseries? The Bureau of Bad follows the girls as they face off against some of Townsville’s biggest baddies. Sick and tired of Bubbles, Blossom, and Buttercup always swooping in to save the day and foiling their evil plans, the baddies unite to try and take down the girls once and for all. But first, they gather together and tell the tales of the times they ALMOST defeated the girls to try and figure out how to better their plans for next time. (After much debating over who should be the leader, of course). This series is the telling of those stories.

The Powerpuff Girls: The Bureau of Bad #3 - EXCLUSIVE Preview

The first issue showed readers the meeting of the villainous minds, and we saw the girls face off against the snottiest baddie there is – Princess Morbucks! In issue two they took on The Fashionistas and the world’s most untearable fabric – created by the Professor himself. Since no PPG tale would be complete without the infamous Mojo Jojo, that’s what The Powerpuff Girls: The Bureau of Bad #3 is all about. Mojo Jojo’s BIGGEST near-success at taking down the Powerpuff Girls.

You’ll have to wait until the issue hits comic shops on January 31st to hear how his story turns out. Thankfully, we’ve got an EXCLUSIVE preview of the first few pages below thanks to our friends at IDW. 

EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW: The Powerpuff Girls: The Bureau of Bad #3:

Did You Know? This series and the other Powerpuff Girls comics from IDW are all written by Haley Mancini and Jake Goldman, voice actors and writers on the Cartoon Network series. That’s why the PPG comics are always so much fun and are so true to the cartoon – the writers are a part of the show. Haley is the voice of Princess Morbucks, one of the girls most spoiled enemies and Jake is the voice of Jared Shapiro, the boy at school that Blossom has a crush on. Pretty cool, right?

The Powerpuff Girls: The Bureau of Bad #3 - EXCLUSIVE Preview

Powerpuff Girls: The Bureau of Bad was a short 3 issue series, but it really packed a punch of excitement, jokes, and villains being awful at their jobs. One of our favorite parts of this series? The covers! From Philip Murphy’s main covers to all of the awesome variants, we’ve been swooning over these covers issue after issue. We’re particularly obsessed with the ones by Andrew Kolb. They’ve featured a very minimal, doodle-esque version of each of the girls on the cover on top of beautifully colored retro background. They’re like cartoon paintings. Totally worthy of a place in your ever-growing comic collection.

The Powerpuff Girls: The Bureau of Bad #3
FC • 32 pages • $3.99
Publisher: IDW
Writer: Haley Mancini and Jake Goldman
Artist/Cover Artist: Philip Murphy
Cover B: Nnenna Ijioma
Variant Cover: Andrew Kolb
SYNOPSIS: In the stunning conclusion, Mojo Jojo shares his tale of nearly destroying his archenemies: The Powerpuff Girls! When Mojo’s latest plan to mutate the citizens of Townsville blows up in his face (literally), Mojo discovers that he’s made a mutation of his own: He has a tail—and that makes him 100 times the villain he was before!

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