The First “Moana” Trailer is Here and It’s EVERYTHING

So, we pretty much already knew that “Moana” was going to be amazing, but Disney released the first official trailer today and now we know it for sure! From the music to the scenery and everything in between this movie looks stunning, exciting, and like an instant classic. Watch it here!

The trailer shows us some of the interactions (and amazing chemistry) between Moana and demigod Maui as they head out on the roaring seas and start an epic journey to save their people. While Moana seems reluctant to have him by her side at first, Maui seems to become a great friend and really good balance for her – making Moana take things a little less seriously and opening her up to things she never knew possible.

Moana Trailer
She’s already so fiercely independent and strong, we know that after the seas are sailed, monsters are battled, and lessons are learned, Moana will absolutely be a new fan-favorite character. We also can’t wait to see the ocean come alive as part of the story’s character and personality.

Moana Trailer
The best part, though? Moana isn’t just your typical Disney Princess – she’s a legendary hero! Plus, it looks like HeiHei, Moana’s weird little rooster friend, is about to become an even bigger sensation than Becky from Finding Dory.

Moana Trailer
We can’t wait for Moana’s adventure to begin (and to see more of her rocking that awesome hair bun!) when the movie hits theaters on November 23rd!

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