Charmz Style Guide: Here’s How You Can Steal Chloe’s Style

If you’re a kid, you’ve probably got at least one thing on your bookshelf that’s published by Papercutz. They’re the top publisher of graphic novels for kids, and they have a huge selection of titles based on everything from Trolls to Barbie and everything in between. Today marks an exciting new day for our buds at Papercutz, they’re launching a new tween girl focused imprint called Charmz!

Charmz Style Series: Chloe: The New Girl

Maybe we’re biased, but we LIVE for anything and everything tween. That’s why when we heard that Charmz was going to be publishing original graphic novels with stories focused heavily on the ups and downs of friendship, finding your independence, and embracing your girl power we knew we had to share them with you guys. While it’s totally cool for girls to read about superheroes or boys to read about Barbie, we absolutely get that desire to relate more closely to what you see on the page. Girls love connecting to characters, to meaningful relationships and storylines.

Charmz Style Series: Chloe: The New Girl
Charmz’s mission is to get a whole bunch of new female readers breaking into comics by creating stories they can get excited about.

Girls, we’re not sure if you know this – but you’re some of the most hardcore, dedicated fans out there! When you love something, you love it with your whole heart. You want to share it with your friends, obsess over it, write fan-fiction, and make it your whole world. Charmz doesn’t just exist for you, it exists BECAUSE of you. That’s why each of the titles in the Charmz line will be original stories about all different types of girls across all sorts of genres, so no matter who you are, you should be able to find a character that speaks to you.

We’re so excited about the launch of the first 3 Charmz titles – Chloe, Stitched, and Sweeties, we knew we had to present them to you guys in a super fun way. That’s why we decided to create a Charmz Style Guide around each of the main characters from the 3 new series. 

First up is Chloe Blin from Chloe: The New Girl by Greg Tessier and Amandine.

Charmz Style Series: Chloe: The New Girl
Chloe’s style is heavily pink and purple (like our website!) She often can be see in a denim skirt or shorts and a pink or purple ruffly top. The top we chose is lilac peplum top we thought totally matched Chloe’s style and a pair of lace shorts we think she definitely has in her closet. 

Since Chloe is rarely seen without a dozen adorable accessories, we picked out some colorful bangles and glittery star clips to help dazzle up the look. Accessories are the key to perfecting any outfit, so definitely choose anything that speaks to you and reflects your own unique personality. No look is complete without a killer pair of kicks and we thought these adorable booties totally fit Chloe’s signature aesthetic. 

Want your Chloe look to be even more authentic? Read the first issue of Chloe’s story, Chloe: The New Girl to find out even more about her and the other awesome styles she wears throughout the series. Here’s what you can expect from the first issue in the series.

Charmz Style Series: Chloe: The New Girl
Chloe is definitely the most relatable book of the new Charmz series. She’s a 8th grade girl trying to navigate a brand new school, survive cafeteria food, and hopefully manage to not completely embarrass herself. On her first day, she stumbles (literally) into Anissa on the bus. Together, with her friends Naomi and Leslie, she totally rules the school. The girls brush her off at first, but it’s Chloe’s goal to become friends with them so that she can be more popular and become more than just the new girl. 

With her cat Cartoon by her side, her journal in hand, and the unwavering support of her Uncle Steve, Chloe begins observing the new girls to see how they walk, talk, dress, and live so she can be more like them. All the boys have crushes on them, all the teachers are nice to them, and all the girls want to be like them – but what Chloe soon realizes is that this clique isn’t something to aspire to. They’re total mean girls! When a cute boy named Alex comes along, Chloe decides to infiltrate the popular group and take them down from the inside in order to get his attention. How will it turn out? You’ll have to read it to find out – but there’s definitely some fashion mishaps, embarrassing moments, a total change in Chloe’s personality.

Charmz Style Series: Chloe: The New Girl
We put together this lookbook so that you can rock Chloe’s style without any fashion faux-pas of your own! Remember though: it’s important to stay true to who you are. If you don’t like a certain piece of the look, swap it out for something you DO like. Make it your own and rock it with confidence.

See something you liked in our Chloe inspired outfit? Shop the look below:

Top: Lilac Peplum Shirt – Target – $15.99
Shorts: Denim Shorts With Lace – H&M – $19.99
Booties: Sarah-Jayne Scribe Boot – Journeys – $24.99
Bangles: Summer Sherbert Bangles – Claire’s – $5.99
Hairclips: Star Hair Clips – H&M – $3.99

Chloe, Stitched, and Sweeties are now available from Charmz, so head on over to their site to learn more about these amazing new series and pick up your copy. Stay tuned for the next looks in our Charmz Style Series – the edgy style of Crimson from Stitched, coming in a few days.

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