Star Darlings App

OMS! The Star Darlings App is Here!

OMS! Disney’s Star Darlings app is finally here!  Here’s everything you need to know before you start your journey at Starling Academy:Star Darlings AppInteractive Star Stories:
Make your way through Starling Academy by granting wishes and choosing your own path in the interactive stories. There’s 9 stories to choose from now, and we’re guessing even more to come in future updates.
Right now you can play through the mission packs as Sage, Leona, or Libby. Some of the stories require a purchase with real money, so make sure to ask a parent before you buy them!

Star Darlings App
Dazzling Outfits:
At the beginning of a story, you’ll get to dress the Star Darling in any outfit you want! Choose from different tops, bottoms, and shoes. If you purchase a mission pack, you also get more outfits along with it!

Star Darlings App
StarZap Profiles:
Learn more about each of the Star Darlings characters by reading through their StarZap profiles. Find out their wishes, favorite color, hobbies, and more!

Star Darlings App
Wish Now Music Video:
Sing along with the magical music video for Wish Now, the Star Darlings theme song. Is it just us, or does the singer of Wish Now sound an awful lot like Demi Lovato?

Star Darlings App

Wallpapers, Glossary, Quizzes, and More:
There’s 15 charming wallpapers that you can buy and download, a glossary of Starland lingo, and wish granting quizzes to play!

Right now the app is only available on iOS devices, so get your iPhones, iPods, and iPads ready for a whimsical adventure! For more on the Star Darlings, click here!

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