Descendants Ever After

Like the rest of the world, we’re completely OBSESSED with Descendants. We’re Rotten to the Core all up in this Wicked World, but there’s another world filled with the sons and daughters of famous fairy tale characters that we’re also crazy for – Ever After High!

We’ve been taking sides in the Royal/Rebel debate since the very beginning, long before Auradon Prep and the Isle of the Lost made it’s way onto our TV screens (and into our hearts!). That’s why we thought it would be totally spellbinding to mash up these two hexcellent things into one! We present to you our Descendants/Ever After High Mashup Descendants Ever After! (Thanks to our awesome friend Jan for drawing the Descendants gang in the EAH style!)

Descendants Ever After

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We think Mal will fit in just fine in her History of Evil spells class!

Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay may have started out as Royals (if you’re not familiar with the EAH lingo, Royals are students who follow their destinies as they are written, generally following in their parents footsteps), but it seems they’ve changed their wicked ways and are choosing their own destinies instead of following in their parents footsteps, so they’re definitely leaning more Rebel (Rebels want to write their own destinies and follow their own paths) for sure. Which totally suits them on so many levels. What’s a villain if not a total rebel?!

Now that these mashups exist, someone really needs to get started on an Descendants Ever After crossover episode or movie! In the meantime, check out more Descendants evilness here!

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