Collect & Style: Meet the Fashion-Forward Squadz Place Tokyo Trends Characters

NOTE: We collaborated with Far Out Toys for this Squadz Place Toyko Trends feature.

Squadz Place is the place to be! This new line of collectible dolls from Far Out Toys is built on a passion for global streetwear and self-expression. Build your own neighborhood and make friends in this thriving fashion-focused community that celebrates everyone’s unique styles.

There are six characters to collect, a unique friend group, each with their own distinct aesthetic, personality, and hobby that will inspire you to take fashion risks and make bold style choices in your own life! These dolls come blind-boxed, adding an element of surprise to collecting these stylish friends, and we know you’ll be on the hunt for Miu, the rare character with adorable bunny ear headphones!

All six Squadz Place collectible dolls lined up together. From left to right: Jun, Rini, Yuki, Miu, Hana, and Ren

Each Squadz Place doll has a sleek tiny house decorated with accessories they’re passionate about collecting – like headphones, sneakers, and purses. Each character features a cool hairstyle, vibrant outfits inspired by Tokyo streetwear, and two accessories you can swap to help them own their style. As you build your collection, you can connect their places together to create your bustling fashion community focused on friendship, pop culture, and individuality! From jet-setters set on seeing the world to designers crafting their own clothing, this friend group will empower your stylish dreams and wanderlust wishes!

Want to know more about the squad? We’re introducing you to Miu, Jun, Yuki, Ren, Hana, and Rini! Keep reading to get to know each of the characters.

Get to Know the Squadz Place Characters:

Illustration of Miu from Squadz Place Toyko Trends
(Image Provided by Far Out Toys)


BIO: Creative is Miu’s middle name! When she’s not bopping around the bustling streets of Squadz Place shopping for the cutest tech, she’s back home listening to music on her vast designer headphone collection. Once she finds her flow, you’ll see her visiting her neighbors to talk about the latest kawaii finds.

LIKES: Music, Bunny Ears, Kawaii

DISLIKES: Silence, Earbuds

Illustration of Jun from Squadz Place Toyko Trends
(Image Provided by Far Out Toys)


BIO: As authentic as they come, Jun is always true to themselves. A sneaker for every outfit, and a home as meticulous as their style. When Jun isn’t working on their next custom fashion projects, you’ll find them organizing fashion shows for Squadz Place.

LIKES: Sneaker, Sports, Purple

DISLIKES: Sandals, Creases

Illustration of Yuki from Squadz Place Toyko Trends
(Image Provided by Far Out Toys)


BIO: Responsible Yuki can always be counted on for fashion emergencies! She’s a fan of sporty packs and bags, with lots of pockets. You can never have too many supplies when you live in a community full of fashion fanatics!

LIKES: Sporty Looks, Chest Bags, Green

DISLIKES: No Pockets, Mini Purses

Illustration of Ren from Squadz Place Toyko Trends
(Image Provided by Far Out Toys)


BIO: Loyal to his look and his friends, Ren is almost unrecognizable if you see him without one of his many hats. He’s obsessed with sleek styles and over-the-top details.

LIKES: Hats, Metallics, Bold Designs

DISLIKES: Windy Days, Beanies

Illustration of Hana from Squadz Place Toyko Trends
(Image Provided by Far Out Toys)


BIO: Assertive and aspiring, Hana gives off major boss vibes. She views the world through rose-colored lenses — and any big sunglasses she can fin! The sun is always shining for Hana.

LIKES: Big Sunglasses, Bright Colors, Sunny Days

DISLIKES: Cloudy Days, Small Lenses

Illustration of Rini from Squadz Place Toyko Trends
(Image Provided by Far Out Toys)


BIO: Caring tomboy Rini is always on the go! She collects high-quality backpacks and bags in all different shapes and sizes to take with her on trips around the world. When she’s back home, you’ll find her hanging with other Squadz friends, sharing her latest tips for staying fashionably organized.

LIKES: Teal, Crossbody Bags, Traveling

DISLIKES: Tiny Pockets, Girly Clothes


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