Oreo Crafts

10 Deliciously Adorable Oreo Crafts

Your parents may disagree, but playing with your food is REALLY fun! Whether you want something edible or something you can wear – Oreos are perfect for crafting! There’s a lot you can do with them and there’s tons of DIY instructions and recipes out there for you to try (plus there’s enough Oreos in the package for you to stuff your face with while you work!). From the classic Oreo spider Halloween treat to awesome polymer clay Oreo accessories – you can do pretty much anything with an Oreo!

Most of these Oreo crafts are easy enough that you can do them by yourself, but would be really fun to do as a group activity at a birthday party or sleepover! Most of them just require a package of Oreos, some polymer clay or frosting, and some patience!

Here’s a few Oreo crafts we think you’ll love:

Oreo Finn and Jake

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What Time is It?! Oreo Time! These Adventure Time Oreos can be made really easily using polymer clay. You can switch it up from a necklace to a keychain just by changing the chain!

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