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Our latest GIRLS WITH INFLUENCE spotlight is on beauty creator Reave Bowman, aka @glambyreave!

Passionate about sharing her favorite makeup products and insightful tips for beauty beginners, Reave’s now thriving @glambyreave content started as a way to pass the time at the start of the pandemic.

With the time to dedicate to filming and posting consistently, her innovative beauty vids quickly blossomed into something more than a passion project. Reave’s simple, fabulous looks, product recommendations, and teen-focused makeup wisdom were super relatable for other girls her age, and her focus on insight into acne-prone skin truly helped her stand out.

Reave Bowman at the 2023 Teen Vogue Summit
(Image via @glambyreave)

Soon, her follower count exploded and she started making waves in the beauty community, grabbing the attention of both viewers and brands, who started reposting her work and sending products for her to review.

As captain of both her school’s cheer and dance teams, Reave proves she’s a force – both online and off. Balancing cheer, dance, and after-school clubs with homework and outside volunteer projects in her community, it’s safe to say Reave’s influence reaches far beyond the beauty realm.

Get to know Reave Bowman as she shares her biggest dream, her advice for beauty beginners, as well as some of her current favs!

Get to Know Reave Bowman:

Reave Bowman holding up a tube of pink lipgloss to the camera
(Image via @glambyreave)

Tell us a little bit about YOU!

REAVE BOWMAN: My name is Reave, and I am a sixteen-year-old Canadian digital creator who is all about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

I love to review all things beauty, listen to all different types of music, and choreograph.

How did you get your start as a beauty creator, and what do you love most about creating content?

REAVE: I began posting consistently when the pandemic hit in 2020. I had a lot of extra time on my hands which allowed me time to create content and post. After posting consistently for five months, I started to see growth in my followers and views. Brands started to reach out and repost my content. This really pushed me to stay consistent and come up with new creative ideas.

One of my favourite parts about being a content creator is getting to express my creativity in a different way. I love filming & editing videos as well as coming up with new looks!

Did you have any favorite beauty trends in 2023?

REAVE: A lot of my favourite beauty trends were actually created by Hailey Bieber. The sugar plum fairy makeup trend was one of my favourites that she created last year, and it was a perfect look for the holidays! 

Reave Bowman sitting on an outdoor staircase
(Photo Credit: Ashley Roberts)

What advice can you share with beauty/makeup beginners?

REAVE: Makeup is about enhancing your natural features – not covering them up! It’s always better to start with a little bit of product and add more if needed. It’s important to know your face shape and skin type so you can find what products and makeup techniques work for you.

From dance and cheer to volunteering, you’re also super involved at school. How do you stay motivated?

REAVE: Being involved in so many clubs & projects can get stressful at times, but I stay motivated by finding joy and challenges in all the activities I do. I also surround myself with positive & motivated people.

Constantly being around supportive friends and family helps me manage my time well and keep a positive attitude.

My dream/goal for the future is:

REAVE: A goal for the future is to be a part of a campaign or shoot that is shown in stores. I think the next step for me is getting to work outside of the beauty space and expand my content to a wider audience.

I also want to make a bigger impact on teens with acne-prone skin. As someone who has struggled with all different types of acne, it’s important that it’s shown and talked about more, especially among teens.

Reave Bowman at a 2023 SHEGLAM holiday event
(Image via @glambyreave)

My Go-To Coffee/Tea Order:

REAVE: I started having a tea every morning before school. It’s truly become a part of my morning routine. I get a medium steeped tea from Tim Hortons. One of my favourite drinks! It really does keep me going throughout the school day. 

Here’s What I’m Reading:

REAVE: The new Percy Jackson series is coming out weekly on Disney+. I started reading the first book, and I’m obsessed with the series.

Also, Looking for Alaska by John Green is one of my favourite books, and around this time every year I love to re-read it.

Songs I Have on Repeat:


Self Control by Frank Ocean 

Outside All Night Long – Brent Faiyaz

Here, There And Everywhere – The Beatles

Dreamer – Laufey 

Something Your Fans Might Not Know About You:

REAVE: I absolutely love Star Wars! Revenge Of The Sith is not only my favourite Star Wars movie but one of my all-time favourite movies.

Best Place(s) to Shop:

REAVE: For the past couple of years, I have been thrifting most of my clothing. One of my favourite thrift stores is in downtown Toronto, and it’s called Lucky Charm. The store is filled with lots of unique Y2K pieces.

Some of my favourite items are from Lucky Charm, and I would definitely recommend checking it out if you’re in the Toronto area!

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