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YAYOMG! is all about celebrating tween girls’ unwavering passion to be uniquely themselves. We cover everything and anything that encourages young girls to LOL, feel empowered, express themselves, and discover who they are. Not all girls are created equally. In fact, every girl is a unique and magical individual who should be celebrated with tons of glitter and confetti.

Press, Review, and Collaboration Inquiries:

YAYOMG! is dedicated to creating content that girls will love. We are always open to interviews, Instagram takeovers, reviews, giveaways, and other collaboration ideas that are engaging for tween girls. If you think your brand, product, or client is a good fit for YAYOMG! or have an idea you’d like to share, please contact us.

You can reach us at:

Please read the following information before reaching out. Serious inquiries only.

Interviews and Instagram Takeovers:

YAYOMG! loves connecting our audience with inspiring young influencers, actors, entrepreneurs, creators, and other up and coming young men and women who share our message of positivity, empowerment, and being yourself. If you’d like to schedule your client for an interview, Instagram takeover, feature, or guest post or would like to invite YAYOMG! to cover your tween-friendly event, we’d love to hear from you.

Reviews, Reveals, Collabs, and Giveaways:

We love collaborating with brands and influencers who share our passion for empowering girls and encouraging their passions. We are always seeking out new partners and opportunities. We would love to work with you on a review, exclusive reveal, product giveaway, or creative collaboration.

Book Publishers and Authors:

YAYOMG! is focused on celebrating young readers and amazing middle grade books, comics, and graphic novels. Rather than traditional reviews, we prefer to engage these passionate readers via author interviews, fun facts, giveaways, cover reveals, creator commentaries, and more! We love giving authors and comic creators a platform to reach potential readers give them the opportunity to take readers beyond the pages and gush about the characters, worlds, and stories they’ve created in their own voices.

Please Note: We are no longer doing traditional “reviews”, but we would love to schedule your author/creator for any of the features listed in the above paragraph or highlight their work on our monthly book roundup. We require 3-4 weeks lead time for any book related inquiries and request that you are able to share an ARC, DRC, or PDF as we read each book we cover.

Books: We cover books for the 9-12 and 10-14 age ranges ONLY. Please DO NOT send inquiries for Young Adult, Picture Books, or other types of books. We do not cover self-published titles.
Comics and Graphic Novels: Since we are all about helping kids get interested in comics, we’ll cover most titles that are kid-friendly, middle grade, or all-ages focused. Please do not send inquiries for comics that do fit these guidelines.

Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities:

YAYOMG! offers many custom paid sponsorship and advertising opportunities. We would love to work with you to help connect your brand or product with our readers in a uniquely engaging, creative, and authentic way. Together, we can craft custom experiences that will captivate and resonate with our tween audience.
For rates and detailed opportunities, please contact us directly.

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We love hearing from our YAYOMGers! If you love YAYOMG! and want to tell us about it, have any questions for us, or have ideas you’d like to see on the site next, feel free to write to us anytime!

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