Cici Reno #MiddleSchoolMatchmaker

We were lucky enough to receive an early copy of “Cici Reno #Middle School Matchmaker” by Kristina Springer from our pals at Sterling Publishing, and we couldn’t be more delighted. It’s a really fun little read that totally nails the awkwardness of middle school, what it’s like to crush on the same boy as your bestie, and it’s filled with all sorts of great yoga poses for you to try out in any situation.
If that wasn’t enough, the fabulous peeps at Sterling also put us in touch with the author herself for a really fun interview. If you love writing, yoga, or just want some tips on how to handle sticky situations with your BFF, Kristina’s interview covers it all. It’s a total must-read, just like her book!

Cici Reno #Middle School Matchmaker
Cici Reno
is a pretty great friend and all around fabulous advice giver. Her friends always turn to her when they have a problem, and she’s almost always able to solve them. So when Cici’s best friend Aggie has a crush on a really cute guy named Drew who starts hanging out with Cici’s brother, Aggie knows that Cici can help her land a date with her crush. Being a little shy, Aggie and Cici decide to set up a fake Twitter account where Cici will talk to Drew as a secret admirer that way he’ll fall for Aggie and ask her out. (This makes for some really fun chapters where the story is told via Direct Message chats.) Unfortunately, after talking to him online, Cici realizes that she kind of likes Drew too, but is too loyal of a friend to tell Aggie. Cici decides that since Aggie liked him first, she’ll respect the girl code and try to ignore her feelings for Drew – but if you’ve ever had a crush, you know that’s no easy task. Will Cici and Aggie be able to work things out or will their friendship be ruined forever? You’ll have to read the book to find out – but we can promise you the ups, downs, and surprises are totally worth it!

Cici Reno #Middle School Matchmaker

One really unique thing about the book is that at the beginning of each chapter, Cici shares a yoga pose that’s great for dealing with whatever the current emotion she’s feeling – and it will work in real life for YOUR stresses and emotions too! Cici’s mom owns a yoga studio, so Cici practices yoga regularly to keep her mind at ease and her body relaxed – which is part of why she’s so great at giving advice! Cici Reno is the first book in the “Yoga Girls” series, so we can expect to see more from Cici, Aggie, and the gang in the future.

Cici Reno #Middle School Matchmaker
As we mentioned earlier, the awesomely talented Kristina Springer was kind enough to do an interview with us! Check it out:

YAYOMG: What was your inspiration for the character of Cici?
My first spark of inspiration for Cici (and the book itself!) happened in yoga class one day. We had this really cool, laid back teacher that day and I remember thinking, I bet her kids are so cool. Then it hit me to write a book about a cool yoga kid who’s mom owned her own yoga studio. Cici also has some characteristics that are similar to my own daughters and some of their friends.

YAYOMG: Have you and your best friend ever crushed on the same guy? How did you resolve it, or what would be your advice to our readers in a similar situation?
Totally!! That’s what gave me the idea for that part of the book. I really liked this one guy in college. Major crushing. But then my close friend told me she was head-over-heels for him before I ever said how I was feeling so I felt like I had to back off because she had dibs. And she seemed to like him so much. But they never even got together after all! Can you believe it? She did confess her feelings for him but he didn’t reciprocate. As for how others should resolve this situation, I would evaluate how much you really like the guy and if it’s worth possibly hurting your friendship. Most of the time friendships last longer than boyfriends.

YAYOMG: Since “Yoga Girls” is a series, is there anything you can share about what we can expect next from Cici and Aggie?
Kristina: The girls are getting more involved in various things and with various people and it’s kinda throwing a wrench in their relationship and putting their friendship to the test.
YAYOMG: As an established author, do you have any words of wisdom for our readers who are aspiring young writers?
Yes! Read as much as you can in the genre that you want to write in. Get a feel for what’s out there and how the language is. And then write, write, write! Get words down on paper and don’t get hung up on if they’re any good or not. Just get them down and know you can always go back and revise (and you will! Loads!)

YAYOMG: We loved how each chapter started with a yoga pose and how to do it. Do you have a favorite yoga pose, or one you’re particularly good at?
Okay, don’t laugh, but it’s Savasana (aka, corpse pose). My daughters tease me because it’s basically lying on your back, relaxing, but it’s always the last pose of the class and my very favorite. Love it! Cobra pose would be my #2 fave. I’ll also tell you my daughters’ favorite poses since they take yoga with me and love it too. My 9-year old likes getting into Crow pose and my 11-year old loves to do a Side Crow.

“Cici Reno #MiddleSchoolMatchmaker” is now available, so head on over to your favorite bookstore now and grab a copy!

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