SpongeBob Snail Park is the Neko Atsume of Bikini Bottom

We don’t generally post about games that come out for Desktop/Mobile, since they’re pretty easy to find on your own, especially on a huge site like Nick.com – but Snail Park really captured our hearts and we just absolutely had to gush about it. If you’re as obsessed with Neko Atsume and/or SpongeBob as we are, then you’re going to absolutely love this game!

SpongeBob Snail Park - Nick.com
In Snail Park, you’re in charge of the brand new Bikini Bottom Snail Park, where Gary and his friends love to come to play, eat, and frolic through the flowers. Like Neko Atsume, you’ll need to place out food and fun items in order to lure the snails to the park. There’s different levels of food that lure out different snails, try the pricier foods in order to bring out the fancier, snobbier, posh-er snails. When new snails come to play in your park, snap a picture to add it to your collection. Some of them have pretty funny names like “Escar Gogh” and others have more regular names, like “Bart”. (And yes, you can collect Gary in this game!) Be sure to click on the snail photos to find out what their favorite food or toy is and how many times they’ve visited you.

SpongeBob Snail Park - Nick.com
Unlike Neko Atsume, the snails in this game can be interacted with. You can use the watering can to give them a little bath, the brush to groom them, and the yarn ball to make them to tricks! If you see a snail with a specific request in a thought bubble, use that item to make them extra happy. You’ll be extra happy too, because the snail will drop coins for you to collect. Use coins to purchase new items and the fancier food types. If you leave out a snails favorite item in the park, they’ll bounce up and down and hearts will spew out of them to show you how utterly delighted they are! Clicking on random objects around the scene will also occasionally pop out coins – so click around as much as your little heart desires.

Snail Park is available to play on Nick.com, so go get your snail on!

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