Cutest Book Accessories Ever

It’s no secret that we absolutely love to read! Every chance we get (on the train, on the bus, at lunch, before bed), we’re cracking open our latest literary obsessions, itching to read one more chapter. Back in our summer reading post, we promised some sweet book accessories to go along with whatever (awesome) book you’re reading lately! Whether you’re a total book nerd, an Ever After High fanatic, or completely devoted to your feline friends, check out our picks for the cutest book accessories:

The Book Nerd

These book accessories are great for you if you can’t get enough of that literary life! Chances are, you’ve been obsessed with books since you learned to read (welcome to the club!). Books aren’t just annoying homework assignments, they’re a way of life! You’re inspired by them, you learn from them, and you probably have a notebook somewhere in your room with quotes from your favorites.

Book Tote

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This "books" tote is simply pretty, plus nobody will ever question what's in your bag! (Hello, it says it right there!)

The Cat Lover

MEOW-dy, cat lovers! These accessories are for you guys, just trying to show the kitties some love! (Meanwhile, have you ever tried to read a book with a cat around? Hint: it’s impossible.)


Cheshire Cat Kindle Cover

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The Cheshire Cat Kindle cover honors the original literary cat from Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll!

The Disney Fan

Did you know that most of the Disney princess movies we know and love were adapted from super old fairy tales? Disney movies are practically the only exceptions to the rule that the books are better than the movies (don’t tell anyone we said that).

Mini Disney Princess Bookmarks

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Disney Princesses are amazing enough as it is, but make them mini and we're hooked! (just like they are to the top of these pages!)

The Library Goer

Do you love going to the library to get your books? So do we. It’s so peaceful in there. Plus, if rows and rows of free books is wrong, we don’t want to be right.

Library Book Tote Bag

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This tote will remind you to bring back your library books on time, since you can write on it! If you've got some chalk board paint and a cheap tote, this could be an amazing DIY! Plus, your library books will never be late again.


The Ever After High Fan

Last but absolutely-without-a-doubt not least, here are reading accessories for all the Ever After High fans out there! Considering that The Storybook of Legends is an incredibly important part of the Ever After High story, it seems only fair to don your reading material in Ever After High fineries!

Ever After High iPad Sleeve

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This Royal/Rebel iPad sleeve is great for when you're reading on-the-go, plus it's super simple to carry around!

There are so many amazing book accessories out there, it was so tough to pick these select few. What are your favorite ways to celebrate your love for literature? Check out our Summer Reading Picks for lots of books to cram into these book totes! Happy reading!

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