BeBe Bartoons are Your New Lip Balm Obsession

If you’re like us, you’re rarely found without a lip balm (or two or three) stashed in your bag. Whether you’re a fan of of the deliciously flavored LipSmackers, the adorable Pucker Pops from Claire’s, or something else entirely – you just love trying out and collecting new flavors and styles. What if we told you that two amazing 10 and 11 year old sisters took their love for collecting lip balms and turned it a business? They did, and it’s called BeBe Bartoons! They’ve got nearly 60k followers on Instagram and they’ve got fans and collectors all across the globe. We chatted with their mom Michelle to give you the scoop on your brand new lip balm obsession.

Here’s What You Need to Know About BeBe Bartoons:

BeBe Bartoons - Collectible Lip Balm

Danielle and Heather Barton started BeBe Bartoons because they were totally obsessed with collecting lip balms.

One day their mom suggested that they make their own, and so the girls got to drawing. Combining their great ideas and their parents’ background in product design, BeBe Bartoons was born! See the picture above? That’s the girls making it happen at a trade show in Atlanta!

BeBe Bartoons - Collectible Lip Balm

The girls are involved in all the decisions from design to flavor to everything in between.

Their mom Michelle told us “They are completely involved – we don’t make anything unless they approve it. They come up with all of the animals and they give input for changes as we do the 3D digital renders. (Change the eyes, add eyelashes, etc.) If they do not like a flavor, it is OUT.” Interested in the process? This picture shows a behind the scenes look at how flavors are sampled so the girls can approve or tweak them.

BeBe Bartoons - Collectible Lip Balm

Since this is a family business, they need to have meetings, right?

The Barton family makes meetings fun by heading out to their hot tub for a BeBe Bartoons brainstorming sesh. It’s a great way for the family to bond and it’s distraction-free since there’s no devices allowed in the hot tub. Plus, it’s super relaxing! (We have to admit, we’re a little jealous. We really need to implement a YAYOMG! hot tub meeting policy around here.)

BeBe Bartoons - Collectible Lip Balm

A new animal is added to the BeBe Bartoons collection each season.

Right now there are 11 available, with more to come! They love hearing feedback from their fans so be sure to reach out to them on Instagram if you’ve got some ideas of your own. They’re also known to feature fan photos on their account, so make sure to tag them!

BeBe Bartoons - Collectible Lip Balm

Part of the fun of collecting things these days is the anticipation and surprise.

Heather and Danielle totally get that, which is why in addition to the Single Packs, you can also snag a Surprise Pack on their site for $19.99. Surprise Packs come with 3 animals and a refill and you won’t know what you get until you open it!

BeBe Bartoons - Collectible Lip Balm

BeBe Bartoons are refillable, meaning that when your lip balm runs out, you can easily add a new flavor!

Available flavors range from Bubblegum to Birthday Cake to Latte Macchiato and more. The lip balm itself contains Aloe Butter and Vitamin E to keep your lips soft and moisturized. They never use harsh chemicals or test on animals, so it’s a totally safe product to use. Don’t have extra allowance for a refill? Pop out the empty lip balm and use your animals to stash jewelry and other small treasures.

BeBe Bartoons - Collectible Lip Balm
Wondering how they got their name?

“Our last name is Barton and the animals look like cartoons, so that’s how we got Bartoons. Danielle and Heather are our babies and these little animals are babies (or BeBe’s) so that’s how we got BeBe Bartoons.

BeBe Bartoons - Collectible Lip Balm

We asked Danielle and Heather if they had any advice to help inspire our YAYOMG! readers to follow their dreams. Here’s what they said:

“We made BeBe Bartoons in baby steps – a little bit every day eventually adds up. Keep on trying, don’t give up, and work on your ideas when you can. Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something – surprise them when your little steps eventually add up to something great. And always, always, ALWAYS eat chocolate!”

BeBe Bartoons - Collectible Lip Balm
Dying to get your hands on some BeBe Bartoons of your own? They’re available on the BeBe Bartoons website and have been rolling out to small shops and boutiques around the country. They also give away BeBe Bartoons every Saturday on their Instagram account, so make sure to follow them so you don’t miss out!

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