QUIZ: What Makes You Absolutely, Positively Great?

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Good vibes only…right? That’s what the patch on Natty’s backpack says, and it’s the mindset she’s sticking with to make it through all the challenges she’s facing in Absolutely, Positively Natty by Lisa Greenwald.

Natty is trying to stay positive on her first day at Miller Creek Junior High. When Natty’s mom takes a break from their family, Natty is starting middle school for the second time in her dad’s hometown of Miller Creek. But with a positive attitude, Natty knows she can make the most of things, make new friends, and even convince her mom to come live with them again. Why dwell on the bad stuff when there’s so much good to think about?

The other kids aren’t really into Natty’s overly-optimistic vibe, but she won’t let anything get her down. Inside, she can feel a knot in her stomach is holding back tears, but she does her best to ignore it, finding something good to focus on instead. The other students slowly warm up to her as she encourages them to break out of their comfort zones and try new things – like joining the pep squad she started that she just knows will change everything. All this town needs is a little cheer and a fresh start to turn things around. Plus, her mom will have to come back when she sees how much work Natty put into planning this huge event.

As Natty focuses on fitting in at her new school, balancing rival friend groups, and organizing a pep rally to spread good vibes, she continues to always look on the bright side, ignoring all bad feelings – even the ones of the people around her. She starts ignoring texts from her BFF from home who’s going through a lot and she brushes off major signs from friends and family who are struggling, encouraging them to just stay positive. But after months of never dealing with how she’s really feeling, Natty’s struggles start to bubble over, and when an unexpected event threatens her big plan, she starts to unravel. What happens when the pep squad captain runs out of cheer?

Book cover for Absolutely, Positively Natty by Lisa Greenwald

Natty deals with moving after her mom’s departure by pulling a “Ted Lasso” and starting a pep squad in this standalone middle-grade novel about friendship and toxic positivity by the author of TBH and the Friendship List series.

When Natty’s mom kind of takes a break from her dad and sort of the whole family, Natty and her dad move to his childhood hometown of Miller Creek. Now she’s starting middle school for the second time, this time in Miller Creek—without her mom—or her BFF. But Natty’s doing great! Really. Anything is possible. And what’s the point of dwelling on the stuff that stinks when there’s so much good stuff to think about?

Natty is absolutely, positively sure that she can turn it all around. Like 1,000 percent sure. As long as she stays absolutely positive! She’ll get her dad off the couch, make her tons of new friends, and even convince her mom to come live with them in Miller Creek. First step? Starting a pep squad to spread the good vibes.

But what happens when the leader of the pep squad has no more cheer to give?

From Lisa Greenwald comes a heartfelt and reassuring novel about the pros and cons of always looking on the bright side, the ups and downs of making a fresh start, and the power of friendship.

Absolutely, Positively Natty
AUTHOR: Lisa Greenwald
PUBLISHER: Katherine Tegen Books
DATE: May 9, 2023

Absolutely, Positively Natty is a reassuring read for anyone who’s ever felt like they have to keep their feelings buried deep down when things aren’t going their way. It’s such a relatable and honest story about finding your way, the pros and cons of always looking on the bright side, and being a supportive friend.

You’ll have to read the book to find out how Natty handles it all, but we teamed up with our friends at HarperCollins to help you find out what makes you Absolutely, Positively Great!

QUIZ: What Makes You Absolutely, Positively Great?:

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