8 Super Cool Sunnies

Now that the weather is nice, you should probably try and go outside once in awhile to make mom and dad happy (they may disagree, but we think playing Angry Birds on your iPhone in the backyard totally counts!). You’ll want to protect your eyeballs from the sun, since you know, you only get one pair of eyes to last for your entire life – but you’ll want to look cool doing it. That’s where these 8 Super Cool Sunnies will come in handy!

Boys, we know most of these are for girls, but we did throw a few in there for you too. It’s so hard to find super cool sunnies for boys! You just all look so sweet in your regular ol’ Wayfarers and Aviators that the world seems to think you don’t need anything more. Maybe one of you guys can invent your own line of rad boys sunglasses and become the world’s youngest millionaire!

8 Super Cool Sunnies:

Links to Sunglasses: Justice, Forever 21, PS Aeropostale, PS Bullpen Aeropostale, dELiA*s, PacSun, ThinkGeek, Target

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