Summer DIY Ideas

Summer DIY Ideas

Since Memorial Day weekend is considered to be the unofficial start of summer, it seemed like a great time for some summer DIY ideas! Get ready for summer by bringing your old (or new!) flip flops and sunglasses to life! Spruce up an old pair or grab a new cheap pair to bring to the next level. Lots of stores sell plain flip flops and sunglasses for under $10, which is perfect for getting your craft on! The best part is, when you craft something, it’s totally yours. Wherever you go, you’ll be the only sporting your unique creation.

There’s all sorts of ways to decorate your sunnies and flip flops. You can add sequins, nail polish, and even water balloons. Here’s some great DIY finds for you to try!

Summer DIY – Flip Flops:
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Summer DIY – Sunglasses:

DIY Embroidery Floss Sunglasses

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Pick your colors of embroidery floss, wrap it around the sunglasses, and when you're done, use a paintbrush to paint over it with a bit of Modge Podge to hold it in place.

No matter which DIY you try, you’ll rock this summer in style!

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