Zootopia Teaser

The Zootopia teaser has finally arrived – and even though it’s short, it’s definitely got us super excited to see the movie! Check it out here!

Zootopia takes place in a world where humans never existed. It’s a city filled with all different animals who have human-like qualities – they go to work, they use technology, and they have to learn to co-exist with their friends, enemies, and all different species. No matter what type of animal you are, you can be anything you want to be – but when Officer Judy Hopps shows up – she finds out that it’s a little harder than she thinks. Joining the police force filled with big, tough animals proves to be challenging as they pick on her and don’t take her very seriously since she’s just a bunny. She doesn’t let any obstacles stand in her way of doing her best, and even teams with with a sneaky fox, Nick Wilde, to prove that she’s the right bunny for the case! It’s basically a hilarious buddy cop movie with animals instead of humans!

The Zootopia trailer didn’t show off too much, but Disney is always releasing lots of teasers and trailers and glimpses into what they’re working on, so there should be more on the movie, especially since it’s less than a year away! Zootopia is set to release in theaters in March 2016.

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