Are You a Judy Hopps or a Nick Wilde?

The world has pretty much established that Disney’s Zootopia is kind of the best movie ever. What’s not to love? It’s got action, adventure, laughs, heart, and two totally awesome lead characters – Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde! These two couldn’t be more different, but together, they manage to take on the world, solve the case, and save the day.

Judy is a total go-getter who’ll do anything to prove herself to the world. She’s got a bright outlook on life, tons of energy, and is very observant. Nick is more laid back, and sometimes a bit lazy. It’s not that he doesn’t care, he’s just a bit vulnerable due to a hard past. Despite their differences, they both put their heads and skills together and manage to make a great team.

Are you more like Nick or Judy? Take our Zootopia Character Quiz to find out!

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