Zoe Nazarian Shares her Top 5 Back to School Tips

Zoe Nazarian (aka Hashtag Zoe) just recently graduated high school and she learned a few things that she wishes she had learned much earlier! From navigating friend drama to befriending your teachers, Zoe is in the know about how to make the most of the school year ahead.

No matter which grade you’re heading into, it never hurts to take the advice of those who’ve walked the halls before you. That’s why Zoe is here to share her top 5 tips for back to school!

Zoe Nazarian Shares her Best Back to School Advice:

Zoe Nazarian Shares her Top 5 Back to School Tips
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Make Friends With Your Teachers:

Ok, hear me out on this one. Most kids come to school, and it’s the last place they want to be. I get it. But if you find a way to make school bearable, beyond having your friends around and lunch, then you will be so much happier!

One of the best tips given to me was to make friends with your teachers. Just simple things like saying good morning when you get to their class, asking them how their day is going, going to them for extra help after class or to see if maybe they need help with stuff in their classroom. Doing simple things like this will show your teacher that you are a good kid and you have good intentions.

Now here’s the benefit to being friends with your teachers, when it comes to grading your test, and maybe you have an 89%, but one of your answers was close enough – guess who will probably get an A instead of a B on that test? Just remember, teachers are human beings, they put their pants on one leg at a time, just like you. Treat them well and maybe even have a lasting friendship with them. I’m still very good friends with a lot of my teachers, even after graduation.

Get Involved:

The best way to meet new people in school is to get involved. Join some clubs, sign up for a team like sports, cheerleading or even band, or take a class like video production or drama, where you work with other people towards a common goal. When you get involved in school, you will find that you have a lot more people who support you. You will have other groups of people to turn to if friend drama shows it’s ugly face or just decide you want to hang out with a different friend group.

Friend Drama is NOT Worth It:

This is a topic that I’m an expert on. Like expert level times infinity! I wish I weren’t, but I’m glad I can pass this very important tip to you. Friend drama is NOT worth it. Please re-read that sentence and then scream it out loud for the people in the back!

Not everyone wants the best for you, even the friends you maybe once called your besties. Gossip happens, rumors spread, and suddenly your BFF is mad at you and trying to get everyone else to hate you. Unfortunately, kids are quick to follow along, and suddenly you’re feeling alone and sad. The only thing you can do now is take a deep breath and know you are worthy of better friends. Anyone who makes you feel sad and alone is not the definition of a friend. Again, friend drama is NOT worth it!

Be Prepared:

I know this tip sounds very simple, but it’s very important. Be prepared for everything. Tests are inevitable in school, so be prepared for them. I used Quizlet, which is an app that helps you study. It’s kind of like digital flashcards, and you can play games to test yourself.

Also, be prepared to save time. I always planned my outfits the night before, so that I didn’t have to do too much so early in the morning the next day. The more prepared you are for school, the easier life will be!

Zoe Nazarian Shares her Top 5 Back to School Tips
(Image via @hashtagzoe)
Be Authentic:

And the most important back to school tip – Be Authentic! Being authentic means that you are true to yourself and the way you are with others is the same way you are all the time. People know when you aren’t being authentic. Think about it, when you see an Instagram picture that you know has been majorly Facetuned and edited, you have a hard time trusting the poster, right? Just do you. Be kind and change for no one! You’ve got this!

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