Yoshi's Wooly World - amiibo Patterns

GIF of the Week: Yoshi’s Wooly World Amiibo Patterns

GIF of the Week this week goes to….the adorable amiibo patterns in Yoshi’s Wooly World! If you thought Wooly World couldn’t get any cuter, think again!

When you use your existing amiibo in Yoshi’s Wooly World (Mario, Link, Donkey Kong, etc), you’ll unlock a special amiibo pattern. This will transform your Yarn Yoshi in the game into a Yoshi inspired by the character you chose. So if you use a Mario amiibo, your Yoshi will transform to a Mario Yoshi! There will be 40 amiibo compatible with the game, so pretty much any amiibo you already own should work!

While you wait for Yoshi’s Wooly World to be launched this Fall, watch these cuties dance!

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