How to Tell You Belong in Wonderland

The wondrous new Ever After High special is finally here! It’s called Way too Wonderland, and it hit Netflix today, so drop everything you’re doing and get to watching!

In Way too Wonderland, Raven Queen tries to reverse the curse her mother, the Evil Queen, has placed on Wonderland, but accidentally ends up transporting her and her friends to the bizarre Wonderland High. Will Raven and her friends be able to reverse the curse and restore Wonderland to it’s wonderlicious ways? Will they make it to the Queen of Hearts’ birthday party on time? Will they get to keep those hexcellent dresses when they return to Ever After High?!

Way too Wonderland - Ever After High

actually seems like a great place to live – it’s magical, its quirky, and it seems like a lot of fun! Do you ever find yourself relating to the Wonderlandians more than the others in the Fairytale World?

Here’s how you can tell you belong in Wonderland!

You’re quirky and sometimes a little misunderstood. You’re not mad, you’re just unique!
Ever After High - Maddy Hatter

You’ve got a thing for riddles, puns, and puzzles!
Ever After High - Alistair and Bunny

You love making jokes and playing pranks. Just don’t take them too far!
Ever After High - Kitty and Maddy

You’re sometimes a little…intense. But you mean well.
Ever After High - Lizzie Hearts

You have a knack for getting places on time, though you’re not always sure exactly where you are. Bonus points if you can turn into a bunny!
Ever After High - Bunny Blanc

You’re like – REALLY – into tea. Like, really, really into tea. There may actually be tea running through your veins instead of blood.
Ever After High - Maddy Hatter

You’ve got an eye for really bold, spellbinding fashion.
Ever After High - Lizzie Hearts

You’re true to your roots. You know exactly who you are, and you’re proud to be you!
Ever After High - Madeline Hatter

You’re an extremely loyal person. Your friends and family are your lifeline.
Ever After High - Alistair Wonderland

Are you a total Wonderlandian? We’ve got more Ever After High goodness for you right here!

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