Twit or Miss Lets You Food Fight With The Twits!

If you are or ever have been a living, breathing human kid, you’ve probably read (or seen a movie based on) at least one of Roald Dahl’s books. His stories are about to come to life in a brand new way – apps! Twit or Miss is the first of many apps released that are based on the stories and characters based on the incredible stories and unique characters created by Roald Dahl. Twit or Miss is based on the horrible characters from his story, The Twits. Mr. and Mrs. Twit are kind of the worst – they’re super rude to each other, they mistreat their pet monkeys, and they’re always playing awful practical jokes on each other.

In Twit or Miss, you’re the only thing standing in the way between Mr. Twit’s disgusting eating habits and Mrs. Twit’s bad temper. Whenever Mr. Twit takes a bite of his food, crumbs fly out of his mouth and shoot across the table towards the sleeping Mrs. Twit. You must flick the crumbs out of the way so they won’t hit Mrs. Twit. To make things really fun, you earn points and achievements for things like getting crumbs stuck in Mr. Twit’s beard or dropping them into his cup. There’s lots of references to the book too, there’s Muggle-Wumps on the ceiling, bird pies, and even worm squashing!

Twit or Miss - Roald Dahl - The Twits

Even if you’ve never read The Twits, Twit or Miss is still a really fun game that’s definitely worth a play. They plan to release a ton more games based on Roald Dahl characters over the next few months/years – we’re rooting for a Fantastic Mr. Fox game next. Or maybe Matilda! The game is available now, and you can get Twit or Miss on both iOS and Android for FREE!

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