Clarence: Thirty Days and Seven Seas

Clarence, Jeff, and Sumo are back for another mobile game adventure. It’s the most piratey-ist sea faring, booty loving, eye patch wearing-ist game around!

Fans of Clarence will definitely recognize Thirty Days and Seven Seas, and be jumping for joy that we finally all get a chance to play it. If you’re not a fan of the show and have no idea what’s happening right now, it’s basically the “Card Wars” of Clarence. It’s a pirate themed board game that the characters on the show love to play. Check out the trailer for a peek into the gameplay.

Thirty Days and Seven Seas Clarence
You’ll sail the seven seas in search of the Kracken’s legendary treasure in this board game meets turn based strategy game mashup. Roll the dice to move your ship across the board, just like a regular board game.
When you land a space, you get the chance to play a Movement Card. These cards are basically like “Move ahead 3 spaces”, and can help you advance to a better space or go back a few spaces to get yourself out of trouble.
Once you play a card, you’re stuck with whatever space you’re currently on. Sometimes you’ll find treasure. Sometimes you’ll damage your ship. Sometimes you’ll end up in a battle with weird pirates.

Thirty Days and Seven Seas Clarence
Battles are when the game switches gears and becomes more of a strategy game. You’ll head to the battle board, which looks and works sort of like a chess board. Jeff, Sumo, and Clarence can only move a certain amount of spaces on each turn, and only in specific directions. The amount of spaces depends on your dice roll, and you can move all 3 characters. So if you roll a 5, you don’t just have to move Sumo 5 spaces – you can split it up between Jeff, Sumo, and Clarence, so you’ll have to strategize to make the most of your moves. Each character has a weapon or ability. Jeff has a water pistol that shoots up into the air and soaks the nearest enemy. Sumo has a toilet paper cannon that can only blow straight ahead. Clarence, of course, can make food that helps restore health. Once your turn ends, the enemy gets a chance to move. You’ll go back and forth until someone wins the battle. (Hopefully it’s you!)

Thirty Days and Seven Seas Clarence
There’s of course items you can buy to help you out, the ability to level up,  and other little details that help really make the game great, but that’s the jist of it. It’s insanely fun and a really unique concept, totally worthy of the $2.99 price tag. Take out the trash, do the dishes, walk the dog, or whatever other chores you might need in order to score yourself some allowance to get your hands on the 3 bucks you need to download this game. It’ll be worth it. You can pick it up on iOS, Android, and Amazon.

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