The Spinner of Dreams: 8 Rules for Dauntless Dreamers

The Spinner of Dreams is a beautiful fairytale that stands as a reminder that we are all resilient and brave, capable of changing our fates even in the darkest times.

Annalise Meriwether was born into a challenging life, cursed by the Fate Spinner and forced to bear a mark on her left hand. She is loved and supported by her parents, but the townsfolk are cruel and unforgiving, blaming Annalise for all the problems of the town. Despite feeling isolated and traumatized, Annalise remains optimistic and kind and has learned to cope and comfort herself when she feels overwhelmed by it all.

Annalise’s journey is a fantastic depiction of anxiety and mental health struggles woven into a dark, poetic fantasy adventure. We won’t spoil the story, but we do have an exciting announcement to share. During her journey to the Mazelands to face the Fate Spinner’s labyrinth to change her fate and break the curse, Annalise discovers some vital information in The Book of Remembering that she’d like to share with all of you. Keep on reading for Annalise’s Guide to Chasing Your Dreams, graciously shared by author K.A. Reynolds.

The Spinner of Dreams: 8 Rules for Dauntless Dreamers

Inventive, empathetic, and strange in all the best ways, The Spinner of Dreams draws from the author’s own experiences to create a story that feels timeless and universal. As she did in her debut The Land of Yesterday, K. A. Reynolds thoughtfully explores mental health and crafts an adventure that fits right alongside middle grade classics like The Phantom Tollbooth.

Annalise Meriwether—though kind, smart, and curious—is terribly lonely.

Cursed at birth by the devious Fate Spinner, Annalise has always lived a solitary life with her loving parents. She does her best to ignore the cruel townsfolk of her desolate town—but the black mark on her hand won’t be ignored.

Not when the monster living within it, which seems to have an agenda of its own, grows more unpredictable each day.

There’s only one way for Annalise to rid herself of her curse: to enter the Labyrinth of Fate and Dreams and defeat the Fate Spinner. So despite her anxiety, Annalise sets out to undo the curse that’s defined her—and to show the world, and herself, exactly who she is inside.

The Spinner of Dreams
AUTHOR: K.A. Reynolds 
PUBLISHER: HarperCollins
DATE: August 27, 2019

Dearest Dreamer,

If you have yet to read The Spinner of Dreams, you might not have heard of The Book of Remembering. This ancient and magical book, passed down to me, Annalise Meriwether, by way of my wise and enchanted cat guide, Muse, can shrink in size, reveal forgotten memories, change content at will, and hide secret messages. Best of all, it once belonged to the Spinner of Dreams herself.

But, even if you have read The Spinner of Dreams, you might not know about something else I found in The Book of Remembering while lost in the Fate Spinner’s labyrinth. I’d been feeling especially low, anxious, and panicked after being forcibly separated from my fox friend, Mister Edwards, when I remembered to check my book for help. Mercy, thank goodness I did, because when I opened the book, a message I hadn’t seen before revealed itself. A message not only meant for me, but for you, the dreamer reading this now, on a similarly treacherous path of fate.

So, fellow Dreamer. If you’re feeling a bit short on courage, maybe the secret message I’m about to share with you now is the key you’ve been waiting for that brings you ever closer to your greatest dreams . . . .

Eight Magical Rules for Dauntless Dreamers

Rule One:

Courage is not something one is born with. It is not something given or won and cannot be found in a magical book. Courage is earned through the blood, sweat, and tears of dreamers who refuse to give up.

Rule Two:

A truth universally acknowledged but not always believed is this: it really is darkest before the dawn. The moment dreamers decide to give up is the moment directly before they’re gifted a reward. If you want to beat the Fate Spinner at her game, keep going. Eventually, you Will beat her.

Rule Three:

Do not believe those who claim you’re not strong, brave, smart, or worthy enough to achieve your dreams. Those who say such hopeless things have lost their way in the Fate Spinner’s labyrinth and have fallen under her spell. The fact that you’re here now is proof of your strength, bravery, intelligence, and worth. Keep Belief in yourself alive and remember, I believe in you.

Rule Four:

There are no wrong choices when chasing one’s dreams. Remember your guide to dreamland is always with you, even when you cannot see them. Trust in this truth and you’ll never lose your way.

Rule Five:

Hope when the monsters come. Hope when your sword weighs heavy and the fight within you wanes. Hope when the darkness falls, and you feel alone. The brightest inspirations come at the darkest and most desperate times, so always, always remain open to the possibility of hope.

Rule Six:

Keep your Dream fresh in your mind and heart, as well as on your tongue. Repeat your dreams to yourself like a mantra as often as possible, and soon those words will entwine so deeply around your heart they’ll sink in, become a part of you, and grow a life of their own.

Rule Seven:

Showing Kindness toward other dreamers who’ve lost their way is rewarding, good, heroic, and essential to keeping the spirit of dreams alive. However, be forewarned of helping others so much you lose sight of achieving your own.

Rule Eight:

There is a special Magic reserved for those who give up on the way to their dreams. A magic that comes when you’ve fallen down one too many times. A message to remind you that within the hall of dreams, there is a door meant only for you. That one day you’ll arrive in the dark, humbled, tear-stained and thin, and after all this time, sunlight will shine upon you and wash your fears away. That one day you will be welcomed to the place of dreams. And when you arrive, know I will be cheering your name.

Carry Courage, Will, Belief, Trust, Hope, Dreams, Kindness, and Magic on the path toward your big dreams, and nothing, not even Fate, can stand in your way.

Take heart, Dauntless Dreamer, and may the magic of dreams be yours.

Thank you so much for reading, everyone. I know how scary it can be following your dreams, so I really hope this message has helped you as it helped me. Don’t forget the Spinner of Dreams believes in you, and I do, too.



If you’re ready to see Annalise take on her biggest challenges, head to your favorite bookstore or library! The Spinner of Dreams is now available from HarperCollins.

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