QUIZ: What’s Your Best Princess Trait?

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Mia Thermopolis never dreamed of being a princess. In fact, her major life goals include finding a date to the Cultural Diversity Dance and figuring out a way to pass algebra. But when she finds out her dad is actually the crown prince of Genovia, her life changes forever!

Mia is one of our favorite literary characters – she’s sassy, she’s relatable, and she’s not afraid to be herself – even when the whole world is watching. Despite her clumsiness and her knack for getting into trouble, Mia completely redefines what it means to be a princess. Sure, she makes some mistakes along the way, but that’s what growing up is all about.

It’s Mia’s kind heart and unique perspective that truly make her worthy of her royal title. Her passion for social good and natural girl power instincts allow her to think outside the box and shake up some of the stuffy old rules that Genovia has honored for generations. She may not be perfectly poised, but that’s what Grandmère’s princess lessons are for! Anyone can put on a tiara and dress the part, but we think Mia totally owns the title, even if she was a little hesitant to take it on.

Do you have what it takes to be a princess like Mia? Take our Princess Diaries quiz to discover your best princess trait!

QUIZ: What’s Your Best Princess Trait?

How would you rule Genovia? Take our quiz below to find out which princess qualities you possess and share with Her Royal Highness Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo!

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