9 Reasons You NEED to Watch The Other Kingdom

The Other Kingdom airs tonight on Nickelodeon. This new series is about a teenage fairy princess named Astral who is next in line to take the throne and lead her kingdom, but she’s always dreamed of something more – becoming a human! Astral has been obsessed with humans for as long as she can remember, so when she gets a chance to become one, her life changes forever. What will happen to Astral in the human world? You’ll have to watch to find out. In the meantime, here’s 9 reasons we think you’re absolutely gonna love the show!

1. It’s a live action series about a magical fairy princess named Astral.
This should be the only reason you need in order to be interested, but we’ll keep going in case you’re not sold yet. You know how we feel about magical girls! Fans of Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Zodiac Starforce, or Star Darlings will probably love this series. Astral is next in line for the crown of the royal kingdom of Athenia, and while she doesn’t really mind her destiny, she can’t help but feel like she belongs in the human world. Astral learns that even a fairy princess can have trouble fitting in at school – it’s not just us mere mortals.

The Other Kingdom

2. It’s basically a fan-fic or a daydream come to life.

Have you ever been sitting in class, totally bored, and drifted off in your mind (or notebook) about how much better life would be in a magical kingdom filled with fairies, princesses, and medieval magic? That’s basically Astral’s life in reverse.

The Other Kingdom

3. The show takes place in two locations.

Astral is from a mythical kingdom called Athenia, but despite the all the magic, she finds herself in a bit of an Ariel situation. She’s always wondering what life would be like in the human world, and one day, she decides to find out. She disguises herself as an ordinary teen girl and enrolls as an exchange student at Theseus High School. Being from an entirely different world, she’s not really up to speed on what selfies are and she’s never even eaten broccoli – so she’s got a lot to learn in order to protect her identity.

The Other Kingdom

4. There’s lots of drama.

Like every other high school in the world (and on TV), there’s got to be drama – and the drama on The Other Kingdom mostly comes in the form of Hailey, the resident mean girl. She’s a total overachiever who gets straight A’s, runs all the school’s events, and always gets what she wants. When Astral shows up, not only does she have a crush on Tristan, the same guy Hailey is into, Hailey also realizes that Astral doesn’t seem to be who she says she is – and she’ll do pretty much anything to find out the truth. Hailey isn’t the only villain on the show, Versitude, her father’s royal advisor, has got lots of mischievous tricks up her sleeve back in Athenia. Did we mention that Astral only has 90 days to decide if she wants to take the crown and save her kingdom from despair or stay in her new human life forever? The stakes are super high, making the show really exciting.

The Other Kingdom

5. The costumes are GORGEOUS.

Um, hi. Just look at them. They’re colorful and sparkly and exactly the kind of costumes you’d want on a show about a fairy princess. We’d love to sneak into the wardrobe department for this show and spin around in bejeweled tiaras and fairy wings for hours. The high school outfits are pretty great too, but Athenia legit slays when it comes to the fashion scene.

The Other Kingdom

6. Astral’s besties make the show really fun.

Devon, the boy who’s family Astral is staying with, is shy, nerdy, and kinda awkward. He’s cool with living life under the radar, though Astral doesn’t exactly make this easy for him. Morgan is the smart, but not totally confident girl at school who has a love for all things fairy. Bonding over their fairy love, Morgan and Astral become quick BFFs.

The Other Kingdom

7. Astral can’t always control her magic.

When in the human world, Astral isn’t supposed to use her magic. She does her best to obey this rule, but sometimes when she gets really angry or excited, she can’t handle the emotions and makes things happen! For example, when she gets really mad at Hailey at the coffee stop, Astral’s magic has a mind of it’s own, making Hailey spill her coffee all over herself! These magical accidents bring lots of laughs to the series.

The Other Kingdom

8. Brendoni.

He’s a ridiculous troll who loves pranking people. Even if you end up not liking the show, stick around for Brendoni.

The Other Kingdom

9. The Other Kingdom is produced by Thomas W. Lynch.

You might be saying to yourself “who the heck is this guy and why should I care?” Well, if you’ve heard of a little show called “Make It Pop”, his name should ring a bell – he’s the co-creator! That’s right! This show is being produced by one of the people who brought us the amazingness that is “Make It Pop”. We told you it was gonna be great!

The Other Kingdom begins tonight (April 10th) on Nickelodeon, and will air two episodes every Sunday night for the next few weeks until the finale.

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