Here’s What Your Texting Style Says About You + GIVEAWAY

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Told entirely through text messages, diary entries, and hand-written notes, Lisa Greenwald’s TBH series gives readers an intimate glimpse into the lives of Cecily, Gabby, and Prianka, three inseparable friends doing their best to navigate their way through the ups and downs of middle school.

From first crushes to mean girls, these BFF’s have been through it all together, swapping secrets and dishing out advice via text any chance they get. The fifth book, TBH I Feel the Same, just released today, we’re so excited to catch up with our favorite squad!

TBH, I Feel the Same by Lisa Greenwald

Three BFFs try to make new friends but keep the old in the fifth book in Lisa Greenwald’s hilarious series told entirely in text messages, emojis, and notes. Perfect for fans of Invisible Emmie and the Dork Diaries books.

Making new friends is a good thing, right? Not when you barely see your besties!

Between swim team, the school play, and poetry club, BFFs Cece, Gabby, and Prianka are meeting different people and trying different things. But besties clash when Gabby’s new friends rank the other girls in their grade in categories like looks, smarts, and popularity.

The question is: How can you be your best self if your BFFs don’t have your back?

TBH, I Feel the Same
AUTHOR: Lisa Greenwald 
PUBLISHER: Katherine Tegen Books
DATE: January 7, 2020

Reading this series feels like scrolling through your own phone, complete with both all the LOLs and all the feels. Inspired by Cecily, Prianka, and Gabby’s never-ending text threads and emails, you might be wondering about your own texting style. That’s why we’ve put together this list! Whether you’re the emoji queen or a rapid-fire texter, we’re dishing on what your texting style says about you!

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Here’s What Your Texting Style Says About You:

Here’s What Your Texting Style Says About You + GIVEAWAY:

Emoji Craze:

If you could skip using words altogether, you would! You’re a creative and a visual thinker, which is why you’re all about gifs and emojis. Like these tiny symbols, you’re full of emotions and find it much more expressive to show rather than tell. You’re a pro-level emoji user, always finding a way to make even the least common emoji work to your advantage.

Clearly, you’re a very expressive person. You aren’t afraid to show the world exactly how you’re feeling – both IRL and in your text message bubbles! You’re the life of the party, the one in your friend group who’s guaranteed to bring the laughs and put smiles on everyone’s faces. When you’re not busy perfecting your emoji game, we bet we’ll find you scrolling through Snapchat and Insta on the hunt for the perfect filter to fit your current vibe.

Here’s What Your Texting Style Says About You + GIVEAWAY:

Short But Sweet:

It’s not that you dislike texting, it’s just that you like to keep things short and to the point. You’re not really interested in having long-winded text convos, and the idea of getting looped into a group chat makes you cringe.

When it comes to friendship, you’re all about bonding with one or two close friends instead of sharing your every thought with a huge squad. You’re more interested in grabbing some froyo with your BFF and talking for hours IRL than getting wrapped up in a late-night text sesh. That’s perfectly okay! Not everyone lives to text, snap, or DM, especially when it comes to an important matter.

Here’s What Your Texting Style Says About You + GIVEAWAY:

Essay Writer:

If every text you send is a perfectly punctuated, well-written paragraph, then you’re the novelist in your friend group. Messages like “K” and “LOL” aren’t really your cup of tea, you prefer to be detailed and don’t like to leave room for misinterpretation. 

Off the screen, you’re nothing without your planner, and you’re always the first to share all the deets for a group hang. Your friends know they can come to you to dish out the best advice, because not only will you really listen to what they’re saying, you’ll always take the time to give them sincere and thoughtful guidance.

Here’s What Your Texting Style Says About You + GIVEAWAY:

Multi-Message Master

When you text your friends, they can always expect a notification bubble in the double digits, and that’s okay! If you’re the type fire off your thoughts in a series of short, rapid-fire messages, it means you’re a quick thinker. 

In the real world, you’re a free-spirit who lives in the moment, and you’re not afraid to share precisely what’s on your mind. You’re a born leader who isn’t afraid to take charge or pave your own path when life doesn’t go your way.

Here’s What Your Texting Style Says About You + GIVEAWAY:

The Busy Bee:

From after school activities to weekend babysitting gigs, your schedule is jam-packed. Not in a stressful way, you just love keeping busy and spending your time doing all sorts of different things. This means, though, that your text game often is lacking.

You’re always a little later to reply than everyone else, and while it’s amazing that you’re out experiencing life rather than glued to your phone, your friends might feel a little neglected. Whether you’re super busy or texting just isn’t really your style, make sure you’re making time for your friends in other ways. Schedule in time for video chats or in-person hangs so you can keep those relationships thriving!

TBH Giveaway:

Here’s What Your Texting Style Says About You + GIVEAWAY:


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