Teen Titans Go! is Headed to the Big Screen

You’ve followed Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg on their zany adventures and tower hangs for four seasons on Teen Titans Go!, and it’s been a total riot. Brace yourselves, because the Titans are go for an animated big screen adventure next Summer!


Teen Titans Go! Movie Announcement

There isn’t too much to report just yet, but Warner Brothers just announced that the world’s most ridiculous heroes are headed to theaters next July. With a big screen to fill, fans can be sure that the pranks will be bigger, the danger will be wilder, and the references will be better than ever. Teen Titans Go! is already totally pee-your-pants Beast Boy style funny, so we can only imagine how much fun their silver screen adventure will be. 

Teen Titans Go! Movie Announcement

The series always embraces and amplifies all the best things about cartoons. It’s clever, it’s funny, and it’s totally over the top! You’d think watching a bunch of off-duty heroes would be totally lame, but when they’re 5 teenage versions of iconic superheroes, it’s no surprise that hijinks constantly ensue. We’re definitely excited and can’t wait to see where show creators Michael Jelenic, Glen Murakami, and Aaron Horvath take the squad now that they have an entire feature length film to play with rather than just 11 minutes.

Will they cross-over with the Powerpuff Girls again? Maybe the entire episode will be Beast Boy and Cyborg singing about their favorite foods? Will they spend the entire time arguing? Maybe they’ll comment on how they recently were turned into LEGO? The possibilities are endless!

Teen Titans Go! Movie Announcement

We’ll keep you guys posted as more info is released, but for now you can mark your calendars and stock up on popcorn for the big event on July 27, 2018. For now though, tune into Cartoon Network to catch up on TTG! antics and be on the lookout for the special 200th episode!

While you wait for the movie to release, find out what your favorite cartoon characters would do if they had Instagram!

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