This Taylor Swift Harry Potter Mashup is Delightfully Magical!

What happens when you take Taylor Swift, and add in a little (more) magic? You get this insanely wonderful Taylor Swift Harry Potter Mashup song! This is literally the greatest thing we’ve ever seen, and yes, we are okay with admitting we watched it about 100 times in a row. It gets better every time!
“On the train, I took a seat, I said ‘Your lightning bolt’s on fleek.” Yup, definitely gonna be singing this for the rest of our lives, and you will too! Check it out!

This delightful mashup was created by Kate Parkin, a girl who is likely about to become part of Tay’s girl-squad for making this video. It’s everything you could ever dream of and more, taking songs from Taylor’s 1989 album and adding in Harry Potter inspired lyrics! This isn’t Kate’s first attempt at Harry Potter inspired pop songs. She also made “Do You Want to Build a Horcrux?”, based on Frozen’s “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?”“Gryffindor”, based on Katy Perry’s “Roar”, and more!

The girl is a Harry Potter pop song prodigy, and someone NEEDS to help her put out an entire album of these magical tunes!

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