Completely Amazing Taylor Swift Domino Display

So, we know we just shared a Harry Potter Taylor Swift Mashup with you guys, but another Tay fan created another mind-blowingly cool ode to Taylor Swift that you just absolutely NEED to see! This fan created a tribute to Taylor Swift using nothing but dominoes! (and a couple of CDs) Check it out by clicking here!

Following her entire career from her self-titled album in 2006 to her current mega hit, 1989, this insane domino display covers it all. (It even has a Becky mention!) One of the coolest parts about it? The “Teardrops on My Guitar” section actually has domino teardrops falling onto a guitar! That’s one seriously dedicated Swiftie! Tay’s fans are seriously just above and beyond any other group of fans.

Our best Tay inspired project was creating album covers of the Inside Out Characters as Taylor Swift Songs. Not quite as impressive as spending hours upon hours on an insane domino display, though.

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