Mario is Finally Headed to Your Mobile Device this December

Nintendo fans got a MAJOR surprise at yesterday’s Apple Event. Not only are the second series of Apple Watches and the iPhone 7 about to drop (YAY!), but we also got a huge announcement from Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Mario himself. (And our lifelong hero.)

Mr. Miyamoto kicked off the event by showing off “Super Mario Run”, a ridiculously fun looking Mario game headed to iOS this holiday season. After much screaming and jumping and flipping out, we were able to compose ourselves long enough to find out exactly what the game will be all about. Watch the gameplay trailer here.

“Super Mario Run” will be an “automatic runner” style game set in the Mushroom Kingdom. You’ll have to help navigate Mario through each level by tapping the screen to help him jump for coins, stomp enemies, and make it to the flagpole, all with incredible “New Super Mario Brothers” inspired graphics.

Like your typical Mario game, it’ll be filled with lots of worlds to explore, levels to complete, and moves to master. It seems like it’ll be a really solid Mario experience, for both huge Nintendo fans or anyone trying out a Mario game for the very first time. Knowing Nintendo, they’ll be adding in a ton of power-ups and hidden secrets to really make the game stand out from other games in the auto runner genre and make it feel like a true Mario experience.

Super Mario Run
The game will have 3 different modes. In the first mode, you’ll play the way you’re used to – racing the clock to grab as many coins as you can as you make your way to flagpole. In “Toad Rally”, you’ll be able to compete against your friends scores and play data to see who’s the very best palyer. The third mode allows you to “create your own Mushroom Kingdom” using coins and Toads you collect by playing the other two modes. There’s no word yet on if you’ll be able to design your own levels to share with the mobile gaming community, like in “Mario Maker”, or if it means something else entirely. All we know is that we’re beyond excited to finally have our very first Mario mobile game. As lifelong fans of both Nintendo and Mario games, we think it looks like a really fun addition to the Mario series.

Super Mario Run
According to announcement at the Apple Event, you’ll be able to try the game for free, but in order to get the full experience, you’ll need to pay. The price hasn’t been announced just yet, but we do know that Nintendo will not be including any in-app purchases in this game, so once you’ve bought the game – that’s it. You won’t need to drop any more coin on well…coins!

Super Mario Run
“Super Mario Run”
will be released on iOS devices this December, with an Android release coming soon after, likely sometime in 2017. For even more Nintendo news, click here!

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