What’s Your Spring Horoscope?

Spring is in full bloom, and we couldn’t be more excited. From beautiful, sunny days with a lovely breeze to rainy days perfect for staying inside and catching up on your reading or crafting – Spring has got something for everyone. It’s never too hot, it’s never too cold – everything about it is just right! Spring really gives us all the feels.

Spring Horoscopes
The Spring season is when we all feel revived after a long, cold winter – and it’s not just us humans. Spring is nature’s revival as well. flowers and trees start blooming again, animals come out of hibernation, and it seems like the whole entire Earth is in a good mood. This Spring, take a look at yourself and see if there’s anyone you can be treating more kindly or anything you can be doing better – our Spring Horoscopes will put you in the perfect mindset for do-goodery, self-improvement and appreciation of the little things in life!

Spring Horoscopes

March 21—April 20
Being an Aries can be tricky business! You tend to put up a tough front, like nothing bothers you and you have everything under control. Deep down, though, your soft side is just waiting for the chance to shine through! We think Spring is the perfect time to take a walk in the park, smell the flowers, gaze at the trees, and really look inside yourself! What makes you happy? What are the things you love most about this time of year? It’s always good to give your emotions some consideration; what are yours saying?


Spring Horoscopes
April 21—May 21
Taurus, you practically own Spring. It is, after all, it’s your Birthday season! Our favorite thing about Taurus’ is their appreciation for the little things in life. It just so happens that Spring is chock-full of simple things to enjoy: flowers, sunshine, animals! So take the time to savor all of the things that mean the most to you this Spring (including the ultimate simple treasure in any season: your friends!).

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May 22—June 21
Gemini, this Spring is your time to shine. Since the weather has finally gotten nice, you’re free to spread your Gemini wings! Get out there and have some fun. Have an adventure with your besties! Eat lunch outside! Have outdoor parties! Your Gemini nature craves social events where you can relate to others, make new friends, and talk about your passions with people who share your enthusiasm. Just don’t forget to look around every so often and include the people who might be a little more shy than you are.


Spring Horoscopes
June 22—July 22
Did you know that Spring has the been the inspiration of many poems, Cancer? That’s because there are so many things to love about Spring. A lot of people feel very emotionally attached to the Spring. They love the smells, they love the flowers, they love the warm weather! This season, take the time to let your emotional nature shine. You have so many wonderful things to say and there may be people around you who could use your advice. Use your emotional personality to help others see how to use theirs! That way, everyone blossoms.


Spring Horoscopes
July 23—August 22
Spring is such a wonderful time for change, Leo. The weather literally changes from cold to warm. The trees change from empty to leaf-filled. The birds change location and come out to chirp! The same can be said for you, Leo. Winter might have left you feeling a little stuck, especially during a classic Spring rainstorm – but don’t worry. As the warm weather settles in, you’ll find that there are so many new things to do and see!


Spring Horoscopes
August 23—September 22
Virgos are known for taking attention away from themselves and putting it onto others. This isn’t always a negative thing; Virgos often ignore the things they do well in order to complement their friends and family. It’s important this Spring, that you take the time to turn the praise onto yourself. Think about all the things you do well. Think of all the ways you consider yourself lucky every day. Go pick some wildflowers and give them to yourself or use them to make yourself flower crown! You’re awesome, so don’t ever forget it!


Spring Horoscopes
September 23—October 22
You may find yourself in a little bit of pickle this Spring, Libra. There is something you’ve really been wanting to do, somewhere you’ve needed to see. The problem is, that perhaps not everyone agrees that what you want is the best route to take. This Spring, your challenge is going to be listening to how the people around you are feeling. You’re very good at convincing people to do what you want through reason, but not everyone is reasonable. Try to understand where the other party is coming from, it might teach you a thing or two about what you really want.


Spring Horoscopes
October 23—November 21
Our favorite part about Spring here at YAYOMG is how obvious it is. The warm weather practically screams at you to enjoy your time outside. The scent of flowers jumps out at you (and you can’t help but take a whiff) and the rainstorms leave a beautiful rainbow behind. For Scorpios, this is great news, since they tend to get caught up in the little, tiny details of things. Since Spring is so obviously awesome, there’s nothing to worry about! Just let go of how you think it needs to work and concentrate on how it’s actually working, right now, in this moment. Everything else will fall into place from there.


Spring Horoscopes
November 22—December 21
Is there a trip you’ve been wanting to take, Sagittarius? TRICK QUESTION! Sagittarius always is looking to explore and adventure. They love to be independent and to take some time every now and then to break free from everyday life. We couldn’t encourage it more! After all, the weather is nice, the animals are out, the flowers are in bloom! Why not don your favorite pair of sunnies and take a little journey with some friends and family? After all, it’s what you’ve always wanted!


Spring Horoscopes
December 22—January 20
Happy Spring, Capricorn! Do you know what it means when people say “The ends don’t always justify the means”? What they’re trying to say is that just because we really, really want something to go our way or to work out in the end, doesn’t mean that we should do whatever it takes to get there. Sometimes, taking your time on the road to getting something you’ve always wanted in order to ask yourself what’s right is much better than rushing on that road (and maybe not always making the best decisions). Try to take time this Spring to think about the best way to get what you’ve been wanting. We’ll bet it’s easier than you thought.


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January 21—February 18
Our favorite things about Aquarius is how passionately they hold on to the things they believe in. Abraham Lincoln was an Aquarius, and look at all the amazing differences he made! It’s because he knew what was important to him and wasn’t afraid to stand up for it. You need to do the same this Spring, Aquarius. Just because you’re a little more quiet than others, doesn’t mean people won’t listen to you when you tell them how you feel and why you feel it! Believe in yourself and soon, others will follow.


Spring Horoscopes
February 19—March 20
Oh, Pisces. Your biggest strength is that you are able to be really empathetic, which simply means that you can put yourself in other people’s shoes! It doesn’t take much for you to understand why someone might be upset or why someone’s feelings are hurt. You understand completely! This Spring, put that talent to use by continuing to help someone who has been relying on you lately. When they start to feel better, Pisces, know that you were an amazing friend and that hopefully, they’ll be there for you when you need them too!

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