WATCH: Snowtime Trailer

Snowtime is an upcoming indie film about a bunch of kids from a small village who decide to have a huge Capture the Flag style snowball fight during their winter break! Check out the trailer here.

Luke and Sophie are the leaders of each of their snowball fighting teams. Luke is modest, smart, and very intuitive. His most valued possession is his father’s bugle, which he loves to play. He has kind of a crush on Sophie. Sophie is the new girl in town who everyone likes and she fits in instantly. She’s very enthusiastic about the snowball fight and has great ideas, but sometimes she can get a little carried away. Sophie and her team are in charge of defending the snow fort. Luke’s team is on the offense, in charge of trying to infiltrate and take over the fort by any means necessary.  The team who occupies the fort at the end of winter break is the winner.

Snowtime Trailer
Unfortunately, what starts as fun the kids gets out of hand pretty quickly. Will Luke and Sophie’s team be able to come to an agreement, or will this be the end of their friendships as they know it? In addition to Luke and Sophie, the other kids in the movie are really quirky and charming. (Lucy is absolute best, TBH.) Paired with the really unique art style of the graphics, the movie looks like it’s going to be a really cute watch.

Snowtime Trailer
Snowtime hits theaters on February 19th. It’s only playing in a few theaters across the US – but don’t fret. There should be a digital and DVD/Blu-Ray release of the movie from Shout! Kids later this year.

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