Our 5 Picks for the Super Smash Bros Fighter Ballot

Nintendo recently posted a Super Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot, allowing Nintendo fans from all around the world to nominate their favorite characters to be added to the Smash Roster for 3DS and WiiU. The ballot is open until October 3, 2015 – so you have plenty of time to vote over and over and over again for YOUR fav character! If you’re having trouble deciding who to vote for, we’ve whipped up a few ideas for some kick-butt ideas for the Smash lineup!

Smash Bros Fighter Ballot
Piranha Plant:

Battling as a Piranha Plant would be pretty awesome. You could hilariously hop around, blow fire balls, and chomp the heck out of your opponents! Instead of just alt colors, the Piranha Plant could offer the choice to select Petey Piranha or even one of those Fiery Dino Piranhas from the Super Mario Galaxy series. We think it’d make a great addition to the Smash lineup!

Smash Bros Fighter Ballot
Tom Nook:

Because who wouldn’t want to play as the greatest salesman in all of gaming? Plus, it’d be pretty hilarious to see Mr. Nook wallpapering the other players or fishing them up with a fishing rod. Alt colors could be Timmy and Tommy, possibly even K.K. Slider or Blathers? Blathers would love identifying the opponents impending demise just like he identifies your fossils! While you’re at it, Nintendo, we’d like to put in our vote for more Animal Crossing inspired amiibo.

Smash Bros Fighter Ballot
Jimmy T:

Jimmy T from the Wario Ware series, and every single one of these dancing cats alongside him. Enough said.

Smash Bros Fighter Ballot
Hello Kitty:

Nintendo said that fans can vote for characters who aren’t Nintendo owned, so our vote for Hello Kitty is totally valid. It’d be awesome to see Hello Kitty taking down a big baddie like Bowser with nothing more than a hairbow-boomerang or her big boppy star hammer. Also, she’s an expert roller skater as we learned in Hello Kitty Roller Rescue for the GameCube, which feels like it would be a great ability for quickly escaping opponents!

Smash Bros Fighter Ballot
Bub and Bob:

In the most epic of throwbacks, we think Bub and Bob would make a sweet team. The Ice Climbers had their glory day for many a Smash game, and Rosalina and Luma are a pretty great replacement, but wouldn’t it be fun to bring back a little retro flair? Bub and Bob could trap opponents in their bubbles, just like Bubble Bobble! We think it’s a pretty great plan, unless Baron von Blubba shows up to ruin all the fun.

We could go on and on for hours of all the characters we’d love to vote for on our Super Smash Bros Fighter Ballot, but we’re curious which of these characters you’d like to add to your Smash Roster? Vote below!

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