Talia in the Kitchen premiered last night, and we’re already hooked! Thankfully, the entire season will be airing on Nickelodeon this month. Like Nick did with Make It Pop and Every Witch Way, Talia in the Kitchen will be showing a new episode every weeknight in July from July 6th through July 30th!

Missed the first episode? You can catch it on the Nick app or – or you can watch this clip!

Talia in the Kitchen is all about Talia, a spunky, independent 14 year old girl who starts working in her family’s restaurant on a summer visit to Miami to see her grandma. With the help of magical spices and her salt and pepper sense – Talia is able to cook up anything the customers ask for. She’s basically a food wizard! Think of all the tasty things you could whip up in the kitchen if you had magic spices – it’s like Wizards of Waverly Place meets Food Network!
With these magical spices and the help of her friends Rudy (who’s totally crushing on her) and Valerie (who has Cat Valentine-red hair and an ever changing favorite hobby), Talia tries to help save her family’s restaurant. There’s of course, competition from a local family restaurant run by Debbie (the popular girl who’s a total food snob), Tyson (Debbie’s total hottie of a twin brother), and Frenchie, the head chef who’s all flair and no flavor!

Now that the show has started, we’re dying to know what you think of it! Are you loving Talia in the Kitchen? Vote in our poll!:

June is National Candy Month, so what better way to say goodbye and end the month than with the inhabitants of the Candy Kingdom from Adventure Time?! Here’s the rundown on some of the characters from the Candy Kingdom – read all about them and then cast your vote on who’s your fav!

Mr. Cupcake - Adventure Time
Mr. Cupcake

Mr. Cupcake doesn’t appear on Adventure Time very often, but he’s definitely the buffest person in the Candy Kingdom. He likes to flex his muscles in front of ladies, and one time during a game of Truth or Dare, revealed that he’s a chocolate cupcake when he took off his wrapper.

Tree Trunks - Adventure Time
Tree Trunks
Tree Trunks loves baking apple pies. She may be small, but she’s super tough and sometimes moody. She is married to Mr. Pig and mom to Sweet P, the giant baby who is actually the Lich.

Starchy - Adventure Time
Starchy is the Candy Kingdom grave digger. He’s really into magic and the paranormal.

Peppermint Butler - Adventure TIme
Peppermint Butler
Peppermint Butler is Princess Bubblegum’s loyal butler. He is generally a pretty good guy, but seems to have a secret dark past. He can perform dark magic and has a connection to the Land of the Dead.

Cinnamon Bun - Adventure Time
Cinnamon Bun
Cinnamon Bun used to be pretty childish and kind of a klutz, but once he got baked, he became smarter and his speech changed. He currently spends most of his time in the Flame Kingdom alongside Flame Princess.

Banana Guards - Adventure Time
Banana Guards
The Banana Guards protect the Candy Kingdom. They are candy people dressed in banana armor. They help with police matters, medical emergencies, and other issues that happen in the Kingdom, but they’re usually pretty terrible at their jobs.

Now is the moment of truth, vote in our poll and let us know who YOUR favorite is!

BUNK’D, the new Disney Channel show coming this summer, is a spin-off of JESSIE. It will star Emma (Peyton List), Ravi (Karan Brar), and Zuri (Skai Jackson) as they leave the big city and head off to Camp Kikiwawa in Maine, the camp where their parents first met. The trio will meet new friends and have to survive camp life. We have a feeling Ravi will love the great outdoors, since he’s already a fan of giant lizards, but it definitely might take Emma some adjusting since she’s a total city girl. Maybe Mrs. Kipling will make an appearance at Camp Kikiwawa too?

Disney Channel - BUNK'D - JESSIE Spin-Off
There are some new characters joining BUNK’D that weren’t on JESSIE. We’ll miss Jessie, Bertram, and Luke – but new characters and a new location mean new adventures! There isn’t too much info about the new characters just yet, but they will be played by Miranda May, Kevin G. Quinn, and Nina Lu. You may recognize Miranda from Liv and Maddie, and Kevin will be in Further Adventures in Babysitting alongside Sabrina Carpenter in 2016! Nina Lu is a Disney Channel newcomer, but is bound for greatness on BUNK’D.

The show has started filming and should be airing this summer. A camp show to watch while at summer camp sounds like a great match! Hopefully we’ll see a guest appearance on BUNK’D from Jessie and Luke sometime in the future, but it sounds like a really fun show.

Are you excited for BUNK’D? Vote in our poll:

Hey Cutie Mark Crusaders! If you’re like us, you’re totally obsessed with using emojis. They’re the most fun way to express yourself! What if, instead of earning Cutie Marks based on their unique traits – the My Little Pony characters earned Emoji Cutie Marks? In place of the usual Cutie Mark symbols, they’d get an Emoji!

We had to get to the bottom of this and try to figure out which Emoji each of the Mane 6 would earn, so we got to emoji browsing, brainstorming, and Photoshopping (also pizza eating. Pizza emoji is definitely our Cutie Mark!) to bring you this awesome slideshow:

Apple Jack - Poop Emoji Cutie Mark

Picture 1 of 6

Apple Jack doesn't mind getting dirty, so we gave her the poop emoji as a Cutie Mark! The apple just seemed too obvious, and too much like her current Cutie Mark. Plus - we really wanted an excuse to use the poop emoji.

Now it’s time to vote for your favorite one! Which Emoji Cutie Marks did you like best?

For even more Cutie Mark fun, check out the Cutie Mark Creator game on the MLP site where you can design, save, and print your very own Cutie Mark!

Now that Harvey Beaks has been on for a few weeks and three episodes have aired, it’s time for a Harvey Beaks poll! Which character is your favorite? Are you loving the show or have you already moved on to something else?

Harvey Beaks - Harvey

Harvey Beaks is a new show on Nickelodeon that began about three weeks ago. The show follows Harvey and his two best friends, Fee and Foo, and all their mischief and adventures in Bigbark Woods – the magical forest they call home. Harvey is a polite, well mannered kid who is always on time and always makes sure his bed sheets are ironed. He’s basically every parent’s dream! Despite the fact that Harvey is a good kid, that doesn’t make him boring. He’s always on the lookout for fun and always wants everyone to like him.

Harvey Beaks - Fee

Harvey’s best friends, Fee and Foo are the complete opposite. They’re rambunctious, and wild, and always getting themselves into trouble. Despite their differences, they love hanging out with Harvey and trying to get him to tap into his wild side.
Fee and Foo have basically the same personality. They’re a little rough around the edges, but are still likable. They’re a little rude and can sometimes be troublemakers, but they mean well. Fee is a bit of a tomboy, and that Foo sometimes says “She’s like a brother to him”.

Harvey Beaks - Foo

Now, it’s time to vote in our Harvey Beaks poll! Which character is your favorite – Harvey, Fee, or Foo? Are you liking the show?

“Make It Pop” finally premiered last night on Nickelodeon, and we’re totally loving it! Miss the premiere? Make sure you catch up, because “Make It Pop” is airing one episode every weekday from now until May 1st. That’s TWENTY episodes!

Make It Pop follows three roommates at Mackendrick Prep, Sun Hi, Jodi, and Corki all share the same dream, to be in an amazing K-Pop band that will take the world by storm! Here’s a little bit about the characters:

Make It Pop

Sun Hi is the diva. She’s obsessed with her phone, social media, and reaching ultimate stardom. She can be a little scatter brained, but when it comes to the spotlight, she’s always on point.

Jodi loves fashion and is a great dancer. She’s always ahead of the trends and wants to design her own fashion line on day.

Corki is extremely smart and kind of a bookworm. She is great at almost everything she tries, but was homeschooled before going to Mackendrick Prep, so she’s a little behind on important life lessons like having a crush and going to school dances.

Caleb is an awesome DJ who works at Club Ry-Ri, which is a skating rink turned club. He’s helping Sun Hi, Jodi, and Corki put their differences aside and use their unique interests to their advantage to help them become a famous K-Pop group!

Which Make It Pop character is your favorite so far? Vote in our poll!

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