Which School of Rock Character Are You?

What would you do if one day your teacher got into a freak skateboarding accident and was replaced with a sub who was literally the coolest person ever? Who loved to teach Shakespeare via rocking out on the guitar and gave everyone in the class a crazy nickname? That’s exactly what happened to the students at William B. Travis Prep School on Nickelodeon’s brand new series, School of Rock!

Mr. Finn may not be a trained teacher with a degree, but that doesn’t mean he’s not great at getting his students to come out of their shell, embrace who they are, and of course, show them how to totally ROCK OUT! Unfortunately, not everyone things that shredding your guitar or a killer drum solo really belongs in the classroom, so Mr. Finn will need to prove himself to his students as a worthy teacher, while they keep his big secret on the DL from the rest of the school. Will Tomika, Summer, Zack, Lawrence, and Freddy be able to keep Mr. Finn’s secret, or will he be kicked out of school for good?

You’ll have to watch the show to find out what happens (and to hear all the awesome covers!), but right now you can rock out with our School of Rock Quiz to find out which character is most like you!

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