Sarah Abbott Chats About The InBetween, Animal Rights, and More

Sarah Abbott is a talented Canadian actress and dancer you NEED to know!

Sarah has been performing for most of her life, discovering her love of singing, dancing, and playing instruments when she was a little girl. By age 6, Sarah was already slaying dance competitions and is now an award-winning actress at just 13! Off-screen, Sarah channels her creativity through art, music, and writing stories. She is also a passionate advocate for animal rights!

Get to know Sarah as she dishes on her love of acting, her favorite foods, and why she loves taking on challenging roles.

Get to Know Sarah Abbott:

Sarah Abbott Chats About InBetween, Animal Rights, and her Favorite Foods
(Photo Credit: Lilly K Photography)
You play the role of Abigail on the new NBC series, The InBetween! Tell us a little bit about the show and your character.

SARAH ABBOTT: The show is about a young woman named Cassie who is a medium. She is able to talk to ghosts and uses this ability to help solve crimes with the help of her adoptive father who is a police detective.

The character I play is a little girl called Abigail. I was murdered by my grandfather and used Cassie to help get me justice. There is a little more to my character but I don’t want to be a spoiler!

You’ve worked quite a bit in the horror and thriller genres. What do you love most about portraying such intense stories?

SARAH: I love the amount of emotion you have to put into the scenes. It can be draining, but when you see the final product, it makes me feel it was worth it.

What are a few of your favorite shows and movies to watch?

SARAH: I loved The Vampire Diaries – I watched every episode. I also like modelling shows. I would love to walk the runway someday!

We hear you’re passionate about animal rights. How do you give back and support the cause?

SARAH: As a kid there is not much that I could do in the beginning except to tell people to save an animal from the pound instead of buying a puppy or kitten from a pet store. All my families pets are rescues. I have two dogs and two cats.

Now that I am older and getting some opportunities from being in the spotlight, I have been asked by the Ontario SPCA to be an Ambassador at one of their Friends for Life walks. I’m very excited and honoured to be asked. I can’t wait to do this!

What do you love most about acting and performing?

SARAH: It’s a great job where I get to meet lots of new people and go to some great places. When you work on set for long periods of time, you really become family with the cast and crew. It’s a little sad when you finish a project.

Do you have any exciting plans for the summer?

SARAH: I have been acting and dancing all year long, so I’m looking forward to just be a kid this summer. I’m heading to an overnight camp for a week, which I have never done before, and a family camping trip a little later on in the summer.

How do you embrace your girl power?

SARAH: I just try to be confident and not let fear stop me when I try something new. My Dad always says you will miss some of the shots you take but you will miss all the shots if you never take one. Wayne Gretzky said that. It’s so true.

Sarah Abbott Chats About InBetween, Animal Rights, and her Favorite Foods
(Photo Credit: Lilly K Photography)
Which three foods could you eat forever and never get tired of them?

SARAH: My number one is poutine. I just love it! Number two would be steak and number three is not food but a drink. I love slushies. Oh that brain freeze!

Do you have any words of wisdom you would like to share with YAYOMG! readers?

SARAH: Try and find something you love and go for it. To be able to do something you love is just wonderful!

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