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Run the World is back with a brand new single – get ready to have Diamond Hearts flowing through your headphones on repeat!

If you’re not in the know, Run the World is a girl-power fueled supergroup made up of your fav social media stars – Hayley LeBlanc, Corinne Joy, Kheris Rogers, and Jessalyn Grace. Their second single, Diamond Hearts, drops today, and it’s a catchy feel-good anthem that celebrates friendship, fun, and positivity. You can download HERE on all streaming platforms!

With lyrics like “You can see us in the dark no matter where we are, we can shine like diamond hearts”, the song is an amazing reminder that we shine brightest when our BFFs are by our side. It has infectious end of summer vibes, and we think it’ll be the soundtrack to your TikToks, dance parties, and sleepover mixes for weeks to come!

These girls are slaying the music scene, spreading empowering messages with every song. In addition to their new single, you can catch them performing at the Justice World Experience livestream event this weekend alongside Indiana Massara, Gavin Magnus, Lilliana Ketchman, and more. It’s a can’t miss virtual event happening on the Justice YouTube channel on August 16th!

Get to know more about Jessalyn, Corinne, Kheris, and Hayley as they dish on Run the World, their favorite things, and their advice for girls everywhere. PLUS – we’ve teamed up with Jam Jr. and Justice for an amazing giveaway! Grab your favorite adult and enter below for your chance to WIN a Run the World prize pack featuring a $100 Justice gift card and an autographed poster!

Get to Know Run the World:

Corinne Joy:

Tell us a little bit about YOU!

CORINNE JOY: I’m a dancer, singer, and actress, and I like skateboarding, gaming, and painting.

My favorite shows are Friends and Stranger Things, and my favorite artist is Harry Styles.

What is your favorite Run the World lyric?

CORINNE: “You can have a rainbow right here!”

Who are some of your female heroes?

CORINNE: My mom and my sister.

What advice do you want to share with your fans?

CORINNE: Be you and don’t let anybody change that!

Jessalyn Grace:

Tell us a little bit about YOU!

JESSALYN GRACE: Some of my hobbies include singing, of course, drawing, reading, biking, and dancing.

I also love to watch anime and listening to K-pop! I’m a Marvel and DC junkie – I think I have seen every superhero movie out there!

What is your favorite Run the World lyric?

JESSALYN: My favorite Run The World lyric is “Maybe if you cried a little and let the sunshine on your tears, you can have a rainbow.”

How do you hope Run the World inspires other girls?

JESSALYN: We hope to inspire other girls to be confident and positive, and to uplift, empower, and support one another!

What advice do you want to share with your fans?

JESSALYN: Advice I have for my fans is to always be yourself, be confident in your own skin, embrace your uniqueness, stay positive, and have compassion and kindness towards others.

Kheris Rogers:

Tell us a little bit about YOU!

KHERIS ROGERS: I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. When I’m not singing or dancing, I love to brainstorm outfit ideas and go rollerskating or shopping.

My favorite thing to do is to create content for social media that encourages confidence in others.

What is your favorite Run the World lyric?

KHERIS: My favorite Run The World lyric is from our first single Rainbow when it says, “Let go of every inhibition. Let go of little superstitions.” I love this line because it gives vibes and reminds me to let go and be myself.

How do you celebrate your girl power?

KHERIS: I celebrate my girl power by using my social platform to encourage youth like me to be themselves. I also created a clothing line called Flexin’ In My Complexion to instill self-love in others and to let them know that they are beautiful no matter what!

What advice do you want to share with your fans?

KHERIS: Never let what someone says or does get into your head. You are smart, special, unique, and perfect just the way you are!

Hayley LeBlanc:

Tell us a little bit about YOU!

HAYLEY LEBLANC: I started on YouTube and, began my acting career on Mani, debuted Group Chat on Nickelodeon this past summer, and look forward to building an awesome girl group with Run the World!

My favorite things are corgis, disposable cameras, dancing, and makeup. My favorite movies are Inside Out and Hercules, and my favorite TV shows are The Good Place and Girls Incarcerated.

What is your favorite Run the World lyric?

HAYLEY: “And let the sunlight hit your tears!”

What do you love most about Run the World?

HAYLEY: I love that I’ve become close to three friends that are all about positivity, diversity, and inclusion of all girls and people.

What advice do you want to share with your fans?

HAYLEY: You have the power and confidence to do whatever you set your mind to!

Run the World Giveaway:


ONE (1) lucky winner will receive a Run the World Prize Pack featuring:
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– ONE (1) $100 Justice gift card
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