Rockstars of Ooo

Tell us about a new rhythm game, and we’re willing to give it a shot. Even if it stinks, we’re always up for a rhythm based challenge. Heck, we still wish to the video game overlords every year for a sequel to Elite Beat Agents or a remake of PaRappa the Rapper. So when we heard Adventure Time got it’s own rhythm game, we were psyched beyond belief! It’s called Rockstars of Ooo, and it’s available now on a phone (or tablet!) near you! Peep the Rockstars of Ooo Game Trailer.

Rockstars of Ooo is a little different than your typical rhythm game, though. It’s similar to the Rhythm Heaven series in that keeping with the beat allows you to act out a scene. There’s six different worlds to play in, each starring different Adventure Time characters and songs, each allowing you to play out a moment from the Adventure Time series. There’s even one based on BMO Noire! Each of the different worlds have a few levels to beat, ranging from easy to difficult. The levels get harder as you play through them.

Rockstars of Ooo - Adventure Time - Belly of the Beast
Belly of the Beast – based on the episode of the same name, you’ll get to party in the Belly of the Beast with Finn and Jake. Tap to help Finn sing along with Cubby and DJ Party Pat. The bears will sing, and you’ll have to repeat their tune. If the DJ hits the lights, you’ll follow his pattern instead.

Rockstars of Ooo - Adventure Time - BMO Noire
BMO Noire – Heading back to the black and white noire style mystery of the BMO Noire episode, you’ll get to help BMO solve the mystery in this mini game! BMO will ask you questions, and you tap to answer and complete the rhythm.

Rockstars of Ooo - Adventure Time - Wizard Battle
Wizard Battle
– If you’ve seen the Wizard Battle episode, you know exactly what to expect in this level. Magical balls will fly, and you’ll need to tap the screen when the balls are in the middle to launch the balls at the enemy wizards.

Rockstars of Ooo - Adventure Time - What Was Missing
What Was Missing
– While Marcy shreds on her axe guitar, you’ll control Princess Bubblegum rocking out on BMO in order to open the gate of the Door Lord.

Rockstars of Ooo - Adventure Time - Fionna and Cake
Fionna and Cake
Fionna and Cake will fly through the sky on Lord Monichromicorn. Tap to the rhythm to swing Fionna’s sword at the approaching enemies.

Rockstars of Ooo - Adventure Time - Henchman
– Help Marcy control her zombie henchmen! Marcy will give you a signal, and you’ll tap one, two, or three times, based on the signal she gives.

Rockstars of Ooo is super fun, and for only $1.99, it’s definitely worth it. If you’re really good at rhythm games, it’s kind of a short game, but Cartoon Network tends to update their games pretty often, so we’re sure there’s plenty more levels in the making for the future! There’s over 7 seasons worth of episodes just dying to be turned into levels! If rhythm games aren’t your thing, check out the other new Adventure Time game, Puzzle Quest!

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