Rocko’s Modern Life #5: Internet Fame and Spunky’s Butt

Rocko’s Modern Life #5 hits comic shops this week and kicks off a really fun new story arc. In this issue, Rocko has taken on yet another new job, this time, in advertising. Despite trying his best and keeping that positive wallaby attitude, he is as always, failing miserably. When his boss hands him a company phone to help him connect with the way modern consumers are using the internet and interacting with ads, Rocko quickly gets sucked into the world of social media. He starts posting selfies and becomes addicted to getting more likes, friends, and followers.

He comes home to find Spunky sitting around wearing his underwear and snaps a pic that goes viral. Being Rocko, this, of course, blows up in his face and completely backfires, but it seems like he might just get a second chance after all – for a price.

Rocko's Modern Life #5

(Main Cover: Illustrated by Jorge Monlongo)

We’ll have to wait for Rocko’s Modern Life issue #6 to see how things turn out for him, but for now, feast your eyes on a preview of the first few pages of Issue #5! Thanks to our friends at BOOM! Studios for providing us with these preview pages.

PREVIEW: Rocko’s Modern Life #5:

We’ve loved Ryan Ferrier and Ian McGinty’s take on the world of Rocko’s Modern Life, but this issue, in particular, made us feel right at home with our favorite wallaby. It’s the perfect balance of nostalgia and modern times, making it feel like Rocko has been living alongside us all this time. The best thing about Rocko is even though he almost never gets a win or has any luck, he never gives up. He’s always optimistic, he tries hard, and he genuinely wants to do his best. It’s hard not to root for him even knowing that in the end, he’s probably going to mess it all up and be right back where he started.

In addition to the usual wacky antics of Rocko, Spunky, and the gang, this issue’s special side comic features Rocko and Heffer doing something we can all relate to. Getting lost in, distracted by, and totally infuriated by the maze that is Ikea! It’s a fun, quick read by Marie Enger. 

Rocko's Modern Life #5

(Subscription Cover: Illustrated by Derek Charm)

Rocko’s Modern Life #5
Publisher: KaBOOM!, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writer: Ryan Ferrier
Artist: Ian McGinty
Cover Artists
     Main Cover: Jorge Monlongo
     Subscription Cover: Derek Charm
Colorist: Fred C. Sterling
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Price: $3.99
Synopsis: When Rocko tries to cash-in on Spunky‚Äôs newfound internet fame, Spunky is dognapped and held for ransom. 

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