Welcome to the Whimsical World of Regal Academy

Rainbow, the studio who brought us the Winx Club phenomenon, has a magical new series heading to Nickelodeon next Spring!

Regal Academy
Welcome to Regal Academy, a special school for the grandchildren of the most famous fairy tale families in history. Rose Cinderella is an ordinary girl who finds out that Cinderella is her grandmother, one of the school’s five founding families. The founding families run the school, and try to run the lives of their grandkids, making sure that they’re living up to their destinies of becoming perfect Prince Charmings and Damsels in Distress.

The entire fairy tale world is turned upside down when Rose Cinderella arrives at Regal Academy and alongside her new friends and classmates, Hawk Snowwhite, Travis Beast, Astroria Rapunzel, Violet LeFrog, and LingLing Iron Fan fight for a little more control over their destinies.

Regal Academy
It seems like with the overwhelming success of series like Ever After High, Descendants Wicked World, and Monster High, everyone is jumping on board with with the idea of fantasy schools. In addition to the show, there will be a line of dolls and playsets headed our way next year!

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