Enter the Colorful World of Primer With These Fun Facts

There’s a new superhero in town, and she packs a punch of artistic flair and kick-butt powers – introducing Primer!

Ashley Rayburn is a teenage girl who’s jumped from foster home to foster home since she was a kid. Trouble always seems to find her despite her best efforts, and the only constant she’s been able to rely on is her artistic abilities. She’s always had a passion for art, which is why when she finds a set of body paints hidden away in her new foster home, she assumes they’re a birthday present for her.

Primer introduces a brand-new superhero with a colorful array of superpowers to explore.

Ashley Rayburn is an upbeat girl with a decidedly downbeat past. Her father is a known criminal who once used Ashley to help him elude justice, and in his attempt to escape, a life was taken. He now sits in federal prison, but still casts a shadow over Ashley’s life. In the meantime, Ashley has bounced from foster home to foster home and represents a real challenge to the social workers who try to help her–not because she’s inherently bad, but because trouble always seems to find her.

Ashley’s latest set of presumably short-term foster parents are Kitch and Yuka Nolan. Like Ashley, Kitch happens to be an artist. Yuka, on the other hand, is a geneticist working for a very high-level tech company, one that’s contracted out to work for the government and the military. And it’s Yuka’s latest top secret project that has her very concerned. Developed for the military, it’s a set of body paints that, when applied to the wearer, grant them a wide range of special powers. Fearful that this invention will be misused, Yuka sneaks the set of paints home, substituting a dummy suitcase with an ordinary set of paints in their place.

From here, signals get crossed. Ashley comes home from school one day with her new friend Luke and, thinking that the Nolans have purchased a surprise gift for her upcoming birthday, finds the set of paints. Being an artist, Ashley naturally assumes these are for her. It isn’t long before she realizes that she’s stumbled upon something much bigger and a lot more dangerous. Although she uses her newly discovered powers for good, it’s not long before the military becomes wise to what happened to their secret weapon. And this spells big trouble not only for Ashley, but for her newfound family and friends as well.

AUTHORS: Thomas Krajewski and Jennifer Muro
ILLUSTRATOR: Gretel Lusky 

DATE: June 23, 2020

But these aren’t ordinary paints! They’re a new secret military weapon that, when applied, unlock an arsenal of superpowers. When Ashley puts on the paints she becomes Primer, a new teen superhero whose life is about to change forever!

We’re super excited because creators Thomas Krajewski and Jennifer Muro are dishing out all the deets you need to know about Primer before you pick up your copy. Keep reading to get to know this colorful hero from DC Kids!

Everything You Need to Know About Primer:

(Image Provided by DC Kids)
FACT #1:

Primer is a teenage superhero whose secret identity is Ashley Rayburn. Ashley’s dad is in prison for a lot of crimes, and when Ashley was younger he convinced her to help him with a very serious crime.

Ashley regrets what she did, even though it was NOT her fault, and now she wants to make up for it as Primer!

(Image Provided by DC Kids)
FACT #2:

Primer gets her name from the body paints she wears, because the word “primer” is a paint term. (It also just sounds really cool!)

She has thirty-three different body paints, and each one gives her a different superpower. Ten of those powers are: flight, strength, speed, invisibility, teleportation, telekinesis, self-duplication, shooting ice, shooting fire, and morphing herself to look like anyone she wants. And there are twenty-three MORE powers on top of that!

(Image Provided by DC Kids)
FACT #3:

Ashley is a fantastic artist and her favorite medium is paint, so when she puts on her paints to become Primer, she always uses a cool new design — she never looks the same way twice!

Oh, but she can only use THREE paints at a time. She can’t use any more than that for a very good reason…

(Image Provided by DC Kids)
FACT #4:

Ashley is a foster child who just wants to find a loving family, but that’s hard to do because she’s so mischievous! And when she does find a good family to live with, it’s ALSO when she finds the paints that make her Primer.

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