Papertronics Lunar Landers

These Papertronics Lunar Landers from Sparkle Labs are DIY electronic toys. That may sound intimidating, but they’re actually only a little more challenging than putting together your favorite Lego set! If you’re familiar with Papercraft, these should be a breeze!

Each set comes with 3 Lunar Landers, and they’re pre-cut! So just pop ’em out, fold ’em up, add the little circuit and light, and glue it all together. Then light ’em up and impress all your friends!
Spaceboy and Alien Girl come with adorable designs on them, but Tabula Rasa is blank, so you can let your creativity go wild!

If you’re interested in getting your hands on a set of these Papertronics Lunar Landers, check out Sparkle Labs!

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