Pac-Man Bounce Gameplay Trailer

Pac-Man Bounce was just released by BANDAI NAMCO in Australia and Canada, and it looks like so much fun, we’re considering moving just so we can play it! It’s Pac-Man’s most delicious game yet!

Pac-Man Bounce Game Trailer:

In Pac-Man Bounce, you’ll help bounce and roll¬†Pac-Man through the puzzles to find his way back home. Chomp your way through the tasty Snack Land, a world filled with deliciously themed areas like Picnic Park and the Candy Caves. Along your journey you’ll need to avoid ghosts, bounce off walls, and chomp (waka waka!) those Pac-Dots in order to complete the levels. You’ll need to bounce Pac-Man off the walls in order to chomp the hard to reach Pac-Dots, all while avoiding Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde. Collect the stars and keys in order to complete the levels and unlock more areas!

Pac-Man Bounce
There’s 100+ levels to play and the music is delightful so you’ll definitely be waka waka-ing again and again!¬†Pac-Man Bounce will be bouncing it’s way into your phone and your heart later this year! So far there’s only word on an iOS version (for both Phone/Tablet), hopefully when the game is released globally, an Android version will be available as well.