OMG Shakespeare

Have you ever yawned when your teacher says it’s time to read Romeo and Juliet, or some other Shakespearian play? Put that yawn back where you found it – the OMG Shakespeare series is taking Shakespeare to the next level!

OMG Shakespeare - srsly Hamlet OMG Shakespeare - YOLO Juliet
Written by Courtney Carbone and Brett Wright (And of course, Billy Shakespeare himself), OMG Shakespeare is a series of famous Shakespeare plays that have been modernized and re-told in a way you can understand – via text message! The classic stories are reborn using hashtags, tons of emojis, and an insane amount of laughs. We were seriously like ? the entire time we were shredding through the first two books in the series, YOLO Juliet and srsly Hamlet.

OMG Shakespeare - YOLO Juliet Sample
YOLO Juliet
is based on Romeo and Juliet, but with relationship status updates, check-ins, and everything else that goes along with a modern day romance! It’s still the same ol’ tale of love at first sight, feuding families, and epic tragedy – but re-told in a way thats really fun and interesting!

OMG Shakespeare - srsly Hamlet sample
Same goes for srsly Hamlet – it’s got all the necessary themes of revenge, war, and stolen thrones, but instead of “to be or not to be?”, you get “2 ? or ? 2 ??”, making the story totally easy to understand and easy to read. No more long, drawn out, yawn-worthy monologues necessary – Hamlet’s epic speech is conveniently shared in an easy to read Notes format! #TheStruggleIsReal

OMG Shakespeare - srsly Hamlet sample
OMG Shakespeare is a great way to get acquainted with the stories of the legendary playwright without wanting to bang your head against a desk. When you’re finally ready to read Shakespeare for real (which you absolutely should, they’re some of the best stories ever written), you’ll have an idea of what’s going on and the whole thing will make so much more sense. Talk about an easy A!

OMG Shakespeare - Macbeth #killingit OMG Shakespeare - A Midsummer Night #nofilter
The next two books in the series are Macbeth #killing it and A Midsummer Night #nofilter, both of which will be released in January.

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