Nickelodeon Slime Cup

Join your host Spongebob and pledge your loyalty to your favorite Nick stuff in the Nickelodeon Slime Cup! Running now through August, the Nickelodeon Slime Cup pits 4 teamsĀ  of your favorite Nick stars and characters against each other in a race to to earn the most slime!

The four teams will compete in various challenges in order to collect slime, but you’ll also be able to help by voting in polls, watching videos, and playing games across all of Nick’s sites, apps, and more! The more you participate, the better chance your team has at winning the Slime Cup!

There will be two awesome TV events, a Slime Cup kick-off in June and a Slime Cup finale, “Tournament of Champions” in August, where the winning team will be announced! (and hopefully slimed!)

Which team will you root for? Red, Blue, Yellow, or Purple? Head on over to the Slime Cup site to join a team!

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