Nickelodeon Magazine - Papercutz

Nickelodeon Magazine is BACK!

Nickelodeon Magazine is BACK! Not only is it back – Issue #1 is now available in a magazine selling establishment near you! Nickelodeon Magazine originally started in the 90’s, back when Nick was first becoming a super popular channel. The magazine ended in 2010, but thanks to Papercutz (Publisher of a TON of awesome comic books like Annoying Orange, Disney Fairies, Nancy Drew, and tons more!) it’s coming back as a monthly magazine once again!

Nickelodeon Magazine - Papercutz - Issue 1

What can you expect in your Nick Mag? Info about your favorite shows and Nick celebs. Sneak Peeks into upcoming Nick shows. Games, puzzles, comics, and other hilarious content! The old Nick Mag was always laugh out loud, pee your pants funny – and so we have high hopes for this new version as well!

Issue #1 focuses mainly on Sanjay & Craig, Breadwinners, and Harvey Beaks! Make sure to get your hands on a copy while you can, Issue #2 will be out in July!

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