QUIZ: Where Do You Fit in the Never After Fairytale Realm?

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Have you ever wished that fairytales were real? Most readers dream of what it would be like to meet their favorite fictional characters and explore the settings of their favorite stories, but in Never After: The Thirteenth Fairy, bookworm (and Thirteenth Fairy fangirl) Filomena is about to step into the fairytale world she’s been reading about for years.

Written by New York Times bestselling author Melissa de la Cruz, this whimsical adventure is filled with unexpected twists, LOL-worthy moments, and gives one ordinary girl from a sleepy town in California the chance to become the hero she never knew she could be. Armed with her endless knowledge of the Thirteenth Fairy series and a squad of characters she grew up reading about by her side, Filomena begins her quest to stop an evil queen, stand up to her bullies, and discover the truth about who she really is.

We can’t get enough of this amazing read, and we know you’ll love it too! The blended fairytale and real-world elements, hilarious one-liners, and high-stakes adventure make this start to the series a total must-read. We’re already counting down the days until we can get our hands on the second book Never After: The Stolen Slippers when it hits shelves in February!

With a cast of quirky mixed-up fairytale characters, we know the book will leave you wondering who you ship, who you’re most like, and which character’s aesthetic to replicate, which is why we created a quiz JUST for you.

QUIZ: Where Do You Fit in the Fairytale Realm?:

Are you a witty chosen one like Filomena, a loyal sidekick like sweet Alistair, or an ever-spontaneous and style maven like Gretel? Ready to find out where you fit in the Never After fairytale realm? Take the quiz below!

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