Nerd Block Jr.

Have you ever wished for a box full of all your favorite things, delivered straight to your house on a monthly basis? That’s oddly specific, but we’re sure at least someone at there has wished that at some point, right?

Nerd Block Jr. is a monthly subscription box full of the coolest goodies on the planet! There’s a box for boys and a box for girls, but there’s no rules – if you’re a boy who likes My Little Pony or a girl who likes video games, you can get whichever box sounds like it’s crammed with the stuff you like best.

We’ve been getting the girl Nerd Block Jr. box for a few months now to try it out now, and we’ve gotten stuff from My Little Pony, Hello Kitty, Moshi Monsters, and more! The boy box has had stuff from Marvel, Nintendo, Star Wars, and Pokemon! Pretty awesome. Nerd Block Jr. is always working hard to make their boxes better and better and fill them with the most awesome stuff.

If you want one, grab a parent and head on over to!

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